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FW: The privatisation of war
by ecopilgrim
11 December 2003 20:15 UTC
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Please see message from the World Systems list posted below for reference.


This is an issue that we must be concerned with at an international level.  As I have written previously, the private sector through control of the Global Monetocracy System (and the U.S. military) now controls government, not only in the U.S. but in many other places in the world where corrupt governments have been installed through the auspices of the CIA using covert operations, or where military force has been used, for example, in Iraq and Afghanistan.


This leaves the civic sector, not only in the U.S., but worldwide without representation. As the human labor force is increasingly replaced with technological advances, and as the human population increases, less value is placed on human life -- it becomes cheap. And, it is into a cesspool of competition that we are being thrown as jobs, food, water, medical care and land come into increasingly short supply. As excess labor becomes the norm, the jobs available go to those who will work for the least amount of money in what has been called "the race to the bottom".  


The Global Monetocracy System fed by the corporations and ultimately by the people, has served to polarize the world into two factions: the developed world, where the majority of wealth is concentrated, and which uses the most of the world's resources, and the developing world where most of the resources are concentrated and where most of the poverty is concentrated. However, as the world churns, that polarity is being upset as desperate people from the developing world take away the jobs of those in the developed world because they are willing to work for less pay. Needless to say, an upsetting of the established 'status quo' in the labor market only adds to the chaos of an ever-changing world and pain to those who must live under these conditions.      


Yet, as we cry and wring our hands about the sad state of affairs, we-the-people both condone and support the private sector as we continue to consume that which the corporations produce, as well as to invest in their structure. Thus it is our money that feeds the monster, and in turn it is the monster that is consuming us in what has become an increasingly deadly game where there are only losers, never winners.


The only probable solution to this is for the Civic Sector to rise up and essentially 'call the game' through regaining its power by uniting in forming an alternative global economy based on sustainable living practices which bypasses the Global Monetocracy System. While this uprising has begun in the form of worldwide protest movements aimed at blunting the power of the WTO, and involves the 150 million Cultural Creatives (integral creatives) worldwide, who are demanding change while moving into 'voluntary simplicity,' this movement has not crystallized into a cohesive one that is organized and recognized as a 'legal' movement -- it lacks structure.  


What the Center for Change in Australia (www.peace-era.com) hopes to do is, through establishing community learning and information centers worldwide, bring the Civic Sector into a cohesive worldwide movement such as to change 'worldview' and establish peace through the practice of sustainable living, thus forcing the Global Monetocracy System out of the cleverly carved niche it has occupied through 'manufactured consent' for centuries.


The Civic Sector needs to rise up and take its rightful place as an arbitrator between government and the private sector in such a way as to ensure a balanced system based on social, environmental, and economic justice. This balance may be achieved by "chaordic" means, that is, by using both competition (chaos) and (order) stability, to achieve its ends.   


This is a monumental task, and it may very well be too late to save the ecosphere -- our life support system -- but we must try. What each of us can do is work within our own community to bring security, and as we do so, share any knowledge gained with others through a worldwide network that C4C is establishing so that we form a global brain trust to act as Earth stewards while at the same time valuing human rights.



Peace, love and light




















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Subject: The privatisation of war


Special investigation: The privatisation of war


* $30bn goes to private military

* Fears over 'hired guns' policy

* British firms get big slice of contracts

* Deals in Baghdad, Kabul and Balkans




Firms on the frontline




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