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Re: [Longwaves Forum] Engineered Extinction
by ecopilgrim
09 December 2003 22:33 UTC
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One of the things that must be considered here is that the U.S. has long been involved in the colonialization of the developing world, and is now involved in globalizing the rest of the world.  The Empire uses about 40% of the world’s resources with only about 5% of the world’s population and if you include the industrialized nations that consort in globalization with the Empire then 25% of the world’s population uses approximately 75% of the world’s resources.


Undoubtedly this has led us to the dangerous edge of ecosystems collapse. If one cares to read historian Robert Sobel’s “The Great Boom – How a generation of American’s Created the World’s Most Prosperous Society” – just since WWII, and then read the World Watch Report which states that in the same period of time, more ecological damage has been done to the Earth’s ecosystems than in all of previous recorded history, one begins to get the real picture of cause and effect, putting the blame where blame belongs.


Did we not realize that in destroying the ecosystems in the Third World such as the coral reefs and rain forests, and instituting others practices that caused worldwide top soil loss in such a manner as to cause extreme poverty through monetary practices, that this would not come back to haunt us?  Have we been so naďve as not to realize that the Earth is a ‘whole system’ and that to damage one part of it is to damage the whole and that the effects are now very, very visible, yet we continue to try to place the blame on overpopulation in the developing world.  


Let’s get real here folks, the party is over, and time to recognize that one cannot destroy one’s life support system without paying the consequences at some point in time. The monster thus destroys the monster.


While Sharkfin writes: “We are witnessing the piecemeal economic destruction of the wealthiest, most dynamic economic powerhouse in human history.”  I have to comment as to what the horrendous price is we paid to erect this ‘dynamic economic powerhouse’.  It defies all humane and ethical considerations.


Peace, love and light



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FYI (From Safehaven Longwaves):


Global Capitalism <"Free Trade">, {Protectionist} Internationalism <a "competitive" America>, or Populism? ... that is the question.  (Luke R.)


Luke Rondinaro, The Consilience Projects

Sharefin wrote:

Government policies threaten our jobs, economy and national security by destroying America's basic resource industries - mining, forestry, farming and ranching.

Imagine an America of closed factories, shuttered offices, and millions of unemployed blue-collar and white-collar workers. Imagine a United States of America that is no longer the leader in any major industrial or technological sector — a U.S. of A. that is dangerously dependent on foreign suppliers for many of its critical military supplies and weapons components. Imagine an America that depends on foreign producers not only for virtually all consumer goods but even for basic foodstuffs. Imagine an America that is no longer a land of optimism and opportunity for our younger generations because it has ceased to be competitive globally and has regulated jobs, careers and entrepreneurial activities into oblivion. Imagine a rusting and decrepit America that can no longer economically support its aging population. Imagine a dependent America with supplies of food, oil and other essentials interrupted by war or terrorism. Imagine regular electrical blackouts and brownouts similar to those that afflict developing countries.

Not a pretty picture. But, unfortunately, the above imaginings are gradually becoming reality. We are witnessing the piecemeal economic destruction of the wealthiest, most dynamic economic powerhouse in human history. The American economy is dying, but not from natural causes. It is being strangled to death in a coordinated pincer attack. America's ability to survive, produce and prosper is being systematically destroyed by socialistic taxes and regulations that make U.S. production of virtually everything increasingly uneconomical. Simultaneously, the same legislators and government officials who are impeding American producers are opening the floodgates to cheap foreign goods that are not burdened with the same debilitating taxes, regulations and mandates.



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