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call for ms
by Jozsef Borocz
02 December 2003 23:50 UTC
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Call for manuscripts

The European's burden: global imperialism in EU expansion

The European Union's expansion has been largely treated in academic and
policy-making circles alike as a benevolent project that promises to improve
the overall conditions of the rest of Europe and "modernise" the political
and economic systems of the countries within and outside the EU.  The overall
integration process purports to build the foundations for a continent-wide
prosperous and peaceful future and a showcase of democracy for the rest of
the world.  These claims, whether implicit or explicit, should be the focus
of attentive scrutiny, much of which has been severely lacking in scholarly
work (For exceptions to this tendency and suggestions of some of the
directions to be explored further, see an e-book, available free online,
written by authors who have already committed to contributing their new work
to the current project, see J. Böröcz and M. Kovács (eds.).  The empire's new
clothes: unveiling EU enlargement, Central European Review,

As a contribution to a critical approach on the subject of the EU expansion
process, a new volume is planned that will expand on previous and ongoing
work on the colonial and imperial aspects of the EU's eastward expansion by
widening the analytical framework so as to include multiple scales, from
intra-national to global.  The aim is to examine the ramifications and
repercussions of this arguably novel form of imperialism for countries in the
rest of the world as well as for the internal dynamics of EU societies
themselves.  What would be especially welcome are (1) comparative analyses
between EU members and applicants, (2) comparative approaches to imperial
forms in relation to the current EU expansion process, (3) works linking the
situation in former and current colonies of EU member states to the EU's
expansion process, and (4) research on the implications of EU expansion to
world-system dynamics.  Feminist, poststructural, and postcolonial approaches
would be particularly welcome, and contributions will not be limited to
cultural, economic, political, and social processes.  Authors are
additionally encouraged to submit manuscripts that discuss the environmental
and nonhuman dimensions of EU expansionism.

The deadline for submitting the first draft of the chapter manuscripts will
be the 20th of February, 2004.  To be considered for inclusion in this edited
volume, please indicate your interest in contributing or direct any enquiries
by the 10th of January, 2003, to:

Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Ph.D.
Department of Geography and Geology, Science Building, Room D-327
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI 54481
Tel: (715) 346-4718, Fax: (715) 346-3372
Email: sengeldi@uwsp.edu <mailto:sengeldi@uwsp.edu>


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