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Re: of interest
by francesco ranci
17 November 2003 08:14 UTC
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I'm sorry, I can't figure it out: What does the
meaning of "postmodern critique" have to do with this
piece of news ? Could you please explain ?
Best Regards,
Francesco Ranci

--- Seyed Javad <seyedjavad@hotmail.com> wrote:


Within academia there have been many who argued that
the postmodern critique is nothing but a shambolic
move by some irrationalists who don't comprehend the
very basic assumptions of knowledge pursuit. So,
whatever the popularity of their criticism there would
not be any social consequences of 'postmodern' kind.
But I found this article of interest and I think there
is more to the deabtes of relativism versus
rationalism and the respective consequences of each
within political sphere are to be seen, both locally
as well as globally, no?
November 14, 2003
      Judicial Courage in Alabama
      he Court of the Judiciary in Alabama acted
courageously yesterday when it removed Roy Moore,
widely known as the Ten Commandments judge, as chief
justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Given Mr.
Moore's knack for demagoguery, and the large following
he has attracted, it would have been far easier to
dodge the issue. But the court rightly found that Mr.
Moore lacked the most basic requirement for judicial
office: respect for the rule of law.

      Mr. Moore gained notoriety by putting a Ten
Commandments monument the size of a washing machine in
the Alabama Supreme Court's rotunda. When two federal
courts ordered it removed because it violated the
separation of church and state, he refused, asserting
"state sovereignty."

      The nine-member Court of the Judiciary - made up
of Democrats and Republicans, some of them elected
officials - had to vote unanimously to remove Mr.
Moore and, impressively, it did. It is not the only
Alabama institution to do the right thing in this
case. The judicial ethics commission suspended him
from office in August. And Attorney General William
Pryor Jr., once a Moore supporter, prosecuted the case
in the Court of the Judiciary.

      Mr. Moore's "state sovereignty" claim never had
any validity, but even he should see that it is
ludicrous now that Alabama's own judicial authorities
have ruled against him. He has promised an
announcement next week that "could alter the course of
this country." He refused to elaborate, but he should
know that Americans have a respect for the rule of law
that will not be dislodged easily.

      The same Constitution that Mr. Moore showed
contempt for guarantees his right to say whatever he
wants about the federal courts and church-state
doctrine. But thanks to the nine members of the Court
of the Judiciary, he will now be excoriating the law
in a more appropriate capacity, as a private citizen. 

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