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Re: Von Baranov Responds (AGF)
by Luke Rondinaro
05 November 2003 15:58 UTC
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Please note:

The CSF group was ‘Long Waves.”  It’s run as a list ended in Spring 2003.  The archives for that group are currently kept at a separate location.  That site with its links, front page, and message logs is www.longwaves.net.

The list now to which most of its members moved is LWSIDE1 at Yahoogroups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lwside1/ ).  Others have also joined up with Eric Von Baranov’s Kontratyev Conference (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kondratyev/ ).

As Carl can tell you, group focus turned more to stockmarket-type discussions and investment analysis issues; these subjects continue on the two yahoogroups lists that I mentioned earlier. Do reference also the new longwaves discussion board at, http://www.safehaven.com/forums.cfm ). 

I invite you all to check them out and subscribe if you wish. 

Hope this info. is helpful.  (Luke R.)

Andre Gunder Frank <franka@fiu.edu> wrote:

Gunder Frank observes and inquires:

Rediscovering Schumpeter et al on cycles: Interest in K cycles/waves is
itself [long] cyclical and goes up in B phases and disappears in A phases

What is the Colorado list that I must have missed despite my
''re-discovery'' of K cycles in 1972 and study ever since then
[I say RE because I studied with a student of Schumpeter in the 1940s
when the 1930s still loomed large].

Does that list have something i should use in my preparation of an entry
for the Encyclopedia of World History on ''Long Cycles"?

gunder frank



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