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News from Bolivia URGENT
by Pablo Rossell
17 October 2003 15:18 UTC
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Please distribute this message to as much people as
possible.  The information manipulation of CNN is
impossible to tolerate at this point.  The people of US
and all the "first world" countries must know what is
happening in Bolivia.


Pablo Rossell

Peasants' blockages choke La Paz city a month ago; the
city of El Alto, the third largest of the country, is at
strike 10 days ago; La Paz, 5 days ago; thousands of
people have started hunger strikes in almost all cities;
on Thursday 16, more than 100,000 people marched on La
Paz's main avenues.  Last weekend, more than 70 unarmed
civilians were killed by the army in protest in El Alto
and La Paz.  All the protesters are demanding the
renunciation of president  Sanchez de Lozada (Goni).  
But Goni will not quit.  His hardheaded decision is not
due to a blindness that prevents him from seeing the
country's reality.  Neither due to a total lack of
intelligence.  Goni is perfectly clear that sooner,
rather than later, he is going to fall.  His denial to
quit is part of a plan carefully designed to weaken the
next government so that, whit only one stroke, Goni's
fall draws the fall of the next regime as well.
Signals are self-evident.  Goni's messages (carefully
amplified by CNN), are simple: 1) that the
"international community" (namely, the US government)
supports him unconditionally; 2) that the protests are
nothing more than the manipulation of a "small" group of
drug dealers-union leaders, supported by Peru's Shining
Path members and Colombia's FARC, who want to destroy
Bolivia's democracy.  Goni will not quit.  Rather than
that, he is expecting to be forced out of the
By not giving place to a constitutional solution (i.e.,
Goni quits and vice-president Mesa takes his place),
Goni makes sure that the next government will be blamed
for adopting "un-democratic means" to get him away of
power, thus the "international community" (again, the US
government) will withdraw its support and the next
president will fall faster than fast.  Are Goni's
expectations exact? I personally hope that the Bolivian
people will not fall in the trap, and will resist
peacefully until this covered dictator leaves.
By the way, if there's any external intromission, it is
the US government's: last Monday, the weekly paper PULSO
denounced that three US army members are working in
Miraflores' military headquarters, and one in the US
embassy, working closely with the defense minister,
Carlos Sanchez.

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