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Message from Edward Said's Daughter
by Khaldoun Samman
29 September 2003 14:51 UTC
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Date: Monday, September 29, 2003 3:00 PM +0200rr
From: salim vally <vallys@epu.wits.ac.za>rr
To: ccs <ccs-l@lists.nu.ac.za>, Richard Pithouse
Subject: [in the zone] Fw: A Message from Edward
Said's daughter.rr

From Najla Said:

"in his last days my father wept openly for palestine
and his loss of articulacy and energy to write and
write and write. he encouraged me, from his bed, to
"continue the struggle, continue...get over your petty
personal differences with your colleagues and write
and perform and continue continue unceasingly. its in
your hands"

this was meant for our entire generation and it is
important for me to convey this to you because i
certainly can't shoulder the burden myself.

i am amazed that this is coming out so articulately,
as i am weeping as i write.

much lovelovelove

Najla Said

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