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Goodbye Edward Said
by Khaldoun Samman
27 September 2003 18:58 UTC
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We have lost a truly organic intellectual.  Said was
one of those few academics who had the courage to put
himself in front of the firing line, not only once but
throughout his career.  To speak in support of the
Palestinians in the US is a dangerous enterprise, one
which is extremely stressful and dangereous to your
health, safety, and employment.  The fact that he
could do it over and over again is truly amazing.  My
respect and admiration for this man goes beyond words.
 Even though I never met you Edward Said, I want to
say that I love you and will miss you dearly.  Your
courage and spirit will live on for the next
generation of Arab scholars.  Thats a promise I for
one intend to keep.

Khaldoun Samman

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