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book chapter
by Bernd Hamm
23 September 2003 09:20 UTC
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Dear Collegue,

With this mail i would like to invite
members of this list to contribute a
chapter to a new
book on Bushgang America (working title,
draft table of contents attached). 
It should describe the international and global 
aspects of the war on terror, including the 
Afghanistan bombing and the Irqaq war, 
pressure on other countries in the coalition of 
the willing, ways in which other countries have 
made use of the climate created by the US 
after 9-11 for their own purposes, 
and threats to Syriah, Iran, NKorea 
and others. Given your expertise, I
could well imagine that you might have
a published or unpublished paper on
socio-economic inequality under
the current administration which you
could allow me to use for this
While the first target audience is the
German public and therefore the
book tends to be rather of a general
overview character, i am also in contact
ZedBooks, London, for an English
language edition.

Please let me know without delay if you
are interested to contribute to
the project, and send an existing paper,
or an abstract of one to be
written. If your reaction is positive, I
shall be glad to provide you with
all further details.

Bernd Hamm

Dr. Dr.h.c. Bernd Hamm
Professor of Sociology
Jean Monnet Professor of European
University of Trier
D 54286 Trier, Germany
Phone +49-651-2012726, Fax 2013930,
email hamm@uni-trier.de

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