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Re: The WSN list is still active
by Tim Jones
15 September 2003 01:09 UTC
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yea. And now for the bad news:  This is an imperative matter for Americans to
bring themselves up to speed.

Please contact your local and state officials and US Senators and Congressman
and demand a voter verified paper trail for every election.

Please support Rep. Holt's bill, HR 2239, the Voter Confidence and Increased
Accessibility Act of 2003 that would require a voter verified paper trail as an
amendment to the HAVA Act.

Tim Jones

"The Neocons have determined that elections can be manipulated easily
with the new touch screen voting systems and when accompanied by a
media pounding of lies, the public will accept the rigged election results
as fact."

(Google search on Schuyler Ebbets)
Article on American DU war crimes in Iraq by Schuyler Ebbets

The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged
Posted September 2, 2003 thepeoplesvoice.org

By Schuyler Ebbets

The pollsters have recently been forced to admit that the majority of
Americans are against the re-election of George Bush. Two wars,
thousands of dead human beings, and nine million lost jobs later and
people are beginning to realize that something is very wrong. In
spite of this gradual awakening most registered voters continue to
depend on TV for their news and they are kept woefully in the dark
about issues like election reform and touch screen voting. The media
has gone to great lengths to foster an illusion of legitimacy and
normalcy surrounding the electoral process. People have been
intentionally lead to believe that their vote counts and Bush could
actually be booted out of office on Election Day. No way is Bush
going to lose, it just can't happen. The 2004 election has already
been rigged. The corporations and the military industrial complex
have bought them selves a government and they aren't going to let
some silly little presidential election jeopardize their investment.

On February 23, 2001 Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris
suggested that Florida rent rather than buy touch screen voting
machines in time for the 2002 midterm election. She said, "I think it
would be wrong-headed and precipitous to purchase any equipment now.
If you buy now, you're buying antiquated technology". According to
her twisted logic, it was acceptable to use faulty voting systems in
the election, it just wasn't a good idea to purchase them.

Prior to Florida's outrageous September 10, 2002 primary election,
poll data showed heavy support for Janet Reno in Broward County, but
election results from one Broward precinct alone revealed an
impossible 0% turnout among more than 800 registered voters. Reno
requested a recount of eighty precincts containing 31,375 registered
Democrats because they reported only 1,952 votes. Her request was
immediately turned down by the State Elections Board. According to an
AP analysis, if those precincts matched the average county turnout,
they should have produced 10,260 votes, more than five times the
number recorded by the Election Systems & Software (ES&S), iVotronic
touch-screen voting machines.

Almost two months later on election night, November 5th, 2002, tens
of thousands of Floridians experienced difficulties using the
"Votronic machines. Voters called in to Neil Rogers AM radio talk
show the day after the election and complained of "broken" voting
machines, and machines that voted multiple times for Bush when
McBride was selected. Electronic voting expert, Rebecca Mercuri told
American Free Press, "Numerous severe voting system problems occurred
throughout Florida electronic voting on November 5th, but none of the
major news networks are covering these problems," On November 6th,
David Host, spokesman for the Florida Secretary of State, declared
the elections, "an unqualified success", and the Associated Press
reported, "The closely watched contest for governor in Florida was
decided without a hitch." This propaganda might have been believed if
103,222 ballots in Broward County alone had not been "misplaced".

Katherine Harris is infamous for using her position as Floridaís
Secretary of State during the 2000 election to unjustly purge over
90,000 predominantly black and Hispanic Democratic voters from the
rolls. People remembered how Harris had taken away their civil rights
when she prevented them from voting. On November 5th, 2002, most of
the Democratic electorate of 3.7 million people turned out to vote
for Jan Schneider who ran against Harris. Although registered
Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 340,000, it was too late, the
new ES&S iVotronic machines had already been installed in eleven key
Florida counties. On November 5, 2002 Jeb Bush became governor of
Florida again, and Katherine Harris was given a seat in the House of
Representatives with only 138,940 votes, defeating Democratic
opponent Jan Schneider's oddly low 114,618 votes.

This wasnít the first Republican victory involving ìElection Systems
& Softwareî (ES&S). Former right wing radio talk-show host and CEO of
ES&S, Chuck Hagel, decided he would run for the U.S. Senate in
Nebraska with his own ES&S machines counting the votes. Hagel failed
to mention that he had been both CEO and Chairman of ES&S on his
disclosure documents, or that he was an owner in the company that
installed, programmed, and operated the voting machines used by most
of the citizens of Nebraska. In 1996, Republican Hagel won the race
in Democratic Nebraska for the U.S. Senate easily carrying both the
primary and general elections. According to Bev Harris of
blackboxvoting.com, Hagel scored lopsided victories in almost every
demographic group, including Black communities that had never voted
for a Republican. With the widest margin of victory in state history
Hagel became the first Republican in 24 years to win a Senate seat in
Nebraska. On November 5, 2002 Hagel ran against Democrat Charlie
Matulka and was re-elected to his second term in the United States
Senate by an unreal 83% of the vote. Again, the votes were counted by
computer-controlled voting machines built programmed and installed by
Hagelís company Election Systems & Software.

In Georgia, Republican Saxby Chambliss repeatedly questioned the
patriotism of Democratic incumbent and triple amputee war hero Max
Cleland during his campaign. Chambliss made the absurd claim that he
was more patriotic than Cleland even though he had avoided service in
the Vietnam war with a "medical deferment". A Poll taken by the
Atlanta Journal Constitution published on November 1st, just five
days before the election, showed support for Georgia Democratic
Senator Max Cleland at 49%, clearly 5% ahead of Republican Saxby
Chambliss at 44%. Many People in Georgia, particularly veterans, had
been angered by the crude remarks made by Chambliss and they turned
out in record numbers to vote for Cleland. When the "Diebold"
Electronic Voting tally was made public it stunned and confused the
Georgia voters. Saxby Chambliss had won with 53% of the vote compared
to Max Clelandís 46%. It represented a 13% pro-Republican swing that
seemed to materialize out of cyberspace. The victories of Chambliss
and Hagel, along with the tragic October 25, 2002 plane crash that
killed Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone, virtually guaranteed
Republican control of the Senate.

The Neocon election rigging juggernaut lurches forward unstoppable in
the guise of so-called election reform. Two Republican dominated
corporations, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), and Diebold Voting
Systems, now control 80% of the vote count in the United States. As
this transition has moved forward, a pattern of election upsets which
overwhelmingly favor Republican candidates is emerging. These are
test runs in preparation for the 2004 presidential selection. The
Neocons have determined that elections can be manipulated easily with
the new touch screen voting systems and when accompanied by a media
pounding of lies the public will accept the rigged election results
as fact. The greatest advantage of the new touch screen voting scam
is the removal of a paper trail and the blockage of access to the
inner workings of the software. When a voter touches the screen to
select a candidate there is no confirmation that the machine has
actually registered the correct selection. In the old punch-card and
fill-in-the-circle paper systems, voters could see their choice
marked on the ballot. In the event of any confusion or question, a
record of the vote existed and a recount was possible. Since the new
electronic systems leave no paper trail there can be no recount and
the results must be accepted as fact. Attempts to examine the code
used by the machines in Florida were blocked in the courts by the GOP
citing, "proprietary/trade secrecy" protections under a law, which
made it impossible for the DNC to ascertain how the machines
tabulated votes.

It would be admirable if the American people could resist the next
rigged presidential election as they did the scam of 2000. Of course
the ëSupreme Court fiveí would uphold the "proprietary/trade secrecy"
protections and the bogus election results would be ruled as
legitimate. The coming election fraud has been so well planned that
it probably wonít make it into the courts. With the help of the
media, the Neocons will deliver the deathblow to democracy at the
touch screen voting terminals.


This Newsletter article is © copyright 2003 by Schuyler Ebbets
(sebbets@comcast.net) Permission is granted for reprint in print,
email, blog, or web media so long as this credit is attached.

At 11:11 AM -0600 09/14/2003, Michael Yount wrote:
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malfunction.  The problem has been corrected.



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