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by Tim Jones
09 August 2003 01:59 UTC
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JINSA - The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs is a strident voice fomenting war in the Middle East. The Zionists and the US military/industrial/congressional complex are in bed with the Bush administration to order US soldiers to take up arms - again, immediately - throughout the region to continue the war on terror
through pre-emptitory invasions.
"the time for diplomacy is at the end; it is time for a free Iran, free Syria and free Lebanon." Dr. Michael Ledeen, a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.


May 6, 2003

The focus of the global fight against terrorism should be placed squarely on Iran - "the mother of modern terrorism" - announced Dr. Michael Ledeen, a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. Addressing the JINSA Policy Forum in Washington on April 30, 2003, Ledeen argued that now is the time for Iranian liberation. "I have never seen a country more ready for democracy than Iran."

Drawing attention to the likelihood that Tehran will test nuclear devices by the end of this summer, Ledeen stressed that terrorism is not the only concern regarding Iran. He posited that Iranian leaders learned from North Korea that "if you have nuclear weapons, then you are untouchable." Ledeen argued that Iran might use nuclear weapons against Israel based on the rationale that "half of the Jewish population in the world would be killed after the attack versus a minute fraction of Muslim people killed in retaliation. It would be worth the lives of Iranians to destroy Israel." Ledeen also reminded the audience that both Syria and Iran sent tens of thousands of men into Iraq to aid the Iraqi Republican Guard against U.S. and allied troops.

Ledeen outlined three lessons the U.S. learned in Iraq. First, the U.S. military "performed better than was expected both in terms of technology and the soldiers." Second, when the U.S. Marines went to Iran, they were welcomed by the people and were asked if they were staying to free them. "This was a blatant outcry for liberation," Ledeen said. Finally, it has become clear that Saudi Arabia is the main financier of terrorism. Mosques and madrasas built by the Saudis continue to preach the Wahhabist doctrine of global jihad against non-believers and urging that arms be taken up against the U.S., Israel and their allies. Ledeen reminded the audience that the terrorists who carried out the horrifying September 11 attacks were well-educated Saudi Arabians.

Ledeen cautioned that the U.S. should not repeat the same mistake it made in the 1991 Persian Gulf War by choosing not to kill Saddam. Though many now claim that the U.S. has fulfilled its mandate to liberate Iraq, he warned that Saddam must be shown to be dead or supporters of a new dictatorship will be emboldened. "Democracy is the only way the Iraqi people will be able to get back on their feet."

Ledeen applauded President Bush's vision of promoting the development of representative governments in the Middle East. The region, he believes, is on the verge of drastic change. As of now, the U.S. is withdrawing troops from Saudi Arabia while Qatar is experiencing democratic elections. All these developments are hopeful signs for the region. Ledeen concluded his remarks by declaring, "the time for diplomacy is at the end; it is time for a free Iran, free Syria and free Lebanon."

The JINSA Policy Forum is a new series of programs that brings together JINSA members and policy experts in Washington to discuss issues of defense and national security. More than 80 members and prospective members attended the Policy Forum with Dr. Michael Ledeen. The next Policy Forum is scheduled for July.

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