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CSF shutting down/what's going to happen with WSN ...
by Luke Rondinaro
02 August 2003 19:25 UTC
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As to recent discussions about CSF shutting down and what’s going to happen to WSN – let me propose two alternatives

(1)  Find a new listserv.  This has already discussed by many here, but let me suggest that it should be a free and open forum that everyone has access to.  Yahoo! Groups would be excellent for this endeavor as would Topica (tho’ I would say sometimes it has more system glitches than Yahoo).  We may even wish to set up a “Side List” format like Longwaves on CSF had, and then when the shutdown does happen with WSN/CSF, the main forum can still go to a specialty site like those described in previous posts, but the side list would be around in case people wanted to discuss world systems matters in a wider fashion dealing with both “issues” talk and “structure-process” talk (as WSN currently currently attends to). {And, if people want to try this side list format, I would be willing to help set it up (provided interest is shown and someone else would be willing to assist me in getting it put together)(At that point, subscribers can introduce themselves and nominate who they would like the be the owners, moderators and the WS side list forum can go into action).  So please let me know if you think this is a good idea.}}

(2)  Relocate to a previously existing list.  The best bet here might be a list import.  One of the easiest avenues to go down would be a list import to Consilience-P.  My list is probably one of the most adaptable lists in this regard; new members could be accepted into the group and to help manage it one of our main contributors here on WSN could sign-on as co-owner and handle the specific WS conversations (while I handle the rest, and the go-betweens with our different membership groups would still be dealt with me in my usual role as group facilitator).  Then if we want to (in the future) we could elect new ownership, change formats, moderator settings, and take on new topics, appoint discussion leaders to ongoing, regular threads per people’s express interest.  However, if someone knows of a better forum for doing a list import to, then I’d accept that also. (Please let me know if this is/isn’t a good idea.)

Or people could individually go to different lists per their world systems enthusiasms.  One of the forums best able to take WS discussions without too much of a leap from subject to subject would be LWSIDE1 on Yahoo.


People could go there, raise their points, and as an incentive have access to the inputs of market watchers, public economists, and various LW theorizers that linger there now with closing of Longwaves on CSF a few months ago.  In other words, the indispensable, unbreakable connection between world systems thought and long cycle analysis could be better considered in a setting where both groups have access to one another’s material and feedback.  So, if that sounds good to any of you, subscribe there and/or get in touch with the moderator about doing anything more substantial with list membership and topics. 


As it is now, financial issues get dealt with most, followed by overall Longwave theory and general economics viz material resource discussions/sustainability issues, and finally politics and international affairs.  But I’m sure some more particular world economy/systems discussions could be accommodated for on that list as well.

However, there are still other lists to think about as well.  Lloyd DeMause of the Psychohistory forum on Topica


has expressed interest in better considering the linkages between the psychology//history/world systems relationship.  People may want to see about signing-on there or contacting him (psychhst@tiac.net) about putting together some discussion topics on that forum for just such a purpose.  It could be a very useful project considering more the psych./world system connection through human communications.  In any event, that’s still another alternative to think about.

Finally, two other options.  The Prignone, Complexity/WS discussions were rather popular here a  little while ago; why not subscribe to the CHAOPSYC list and follow that route, by dealing with those conversations in that forum?  The archives/subscription information can be reached by going to 


Then, last of all, for those of you who aren’t signed up there; try H-World at MSU. 


Since so much of WST deals with history/world history, it may be a logical choice for WSN’ers to build themselves a little niche there w/ their discussions and topics.  And if enough of you pushed for it and pressed, you might even be able to get your own special moderator for World System History dialogues and the extra allotment for time/space to carry on these discussions.  In any case, this constitutes a fourth and final option on the ‘go to a different list’ route.

I hope you found these suggestions helpful, and, again, if anyone else want to sign-up on Consilience-P with WSN’s shutdown looming on the horizon, I would be happy to take their subscriptions.  (WSN has been great, hasn’t it? … I hope that whatever direction people decide to go in, we make whichever forum we have in the future – a new world system list or WS subsections of other forums - as good as this list has been.  I have really enjoyed it)

All the best! (Luke R.)


Luke Rondinaro, Group Facilitator

The Consilience Projects


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