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Re: to the rescue of CSF
by John Hollister
31 July 2003 18:20 UTC
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>D. ALTERNATIVE HOME and Administrator for WSN:
>One proposal was to move WSN to Professor Chase-Dunn's center in California.
>(To be explored)

This sounds like the easiest, most straightforward option. Just about any
campus computer center should be able to set up an email list.

>E. ALTERNATIVE WEB BASE and Software for WSN:
>Several possibilities were mentioned, namely:
>(1) Online Policy Group (mentioned by 2 contributors):
>"A possible alternative host for lists such as this one is Online Policy
>Group, which runs a number of progressive lists. See
>http://www.onlinepolicy.org/ for details."
>Cost = to be inquired

This is free. And no advertising, aside from occasional fundraising letters.

It has developed into a politically-oriented alternative to yahoo. It began
as queer community project and broadened its focus as the internet became
overly commodified.

>(2) Mailman ("also used by lbo-talk"):
>"Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager

This is just the listrunning software that a site may operate. It is not a
host for email lists.

>(3) Yahoo Groups:

This is a last resort. It can include an inordinate amount of advertising,
and is subject to shifts in its corporate policies.

>F. FINANCING of an alternative WSN:
>A subscriber fee was mentioned. One subscriber mentioned:
>"I don't know how many follow, but it might be interesting to see how many
>individuals would contribute to keep this going.  I for one, would be
>willing to do so."

Only a few on any given list will regularly contribute.

>(1) the WSN archive, now under CSF, should be preserved and accessible

Maybe in several places?


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