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by ahmet cakmak
09 April 2003 19:22 UTC
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 ODP ( Party of Freedom and Solidarity ) is one of the
biggest parties of Turkish radical left. We, as the
group which responsible to prepare a draft to build
the economic strategy and programme of the party, need
the names of leading experts on the following topics:
1. Capital and taxation in favor of workers
2.Taxation in Latin America and Far East models
3. Taxation under Globalisation 
4. Rapid technological change in South ( For example,
S. Korean experience of 60's, 70's and 80's and rules
of technological changes under globalization).
5. Decision making process in the far east model to
select the critical sectors for technological change).
(we need these names urgently, because we also plan to
invite them to istanbul for a conference which will be
hold in near future.) 

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