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by Saima Alvi
04 April 2003 17:38 UTC
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Olives and lives
Israeli settlers are making Palestinian farmers' olive harvesting a
terrifying experience. The objective is to "encourage" them to leave
their lands

'Fearing Hizbullah'
Hizbullah has remained silent about its alleged role in an Israeli army
spy-ring. Beirut, however, might have cause to worry

Shocking Israel
The fragile bond of trust between Israel and the country's Bedouin was
in danger of tearing apart over the case of a senior Israeli army
officer accused of spying for Hizbullah

A Russian tragedy
Russia's hostage ordeal has focused the world's attention on the plight
of the Chechen Republic and the Russian response to its demands

Hilltops of illegality
The settlers may have been pawns of Israel's secular politicians for
decades. But, writes Azmi Bishara, no one is scoffing at their risible
arguments anymore

The third option
Khul', a newly acquired right to women, was designed to balance out
men's right to unilateral divorce. But has it?

Egypt's Eton recalled
One school. One city. And one hundred years of rich history between them


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