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Re: Seeking Presiders
by Quee-Young Kim
31 March 2003 22:33 UTC
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Title: RE: Seeking Presiders

dear prof. kim.
would you please send this out on wsn? thanks.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: ASA roundtable presiders
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 08:55:00 -0700
From: Jeffrey Kentor <jeffrey.kentor@csbs.utah.edu>
To: Chris Chase-Dunn <chriscd@mail.ucr.edu>
CC: "andrewj@ucrac1.ucr.edu" <andrewj@ucrac1.ucr.edu>

Hi Chris,

Could you pass this along to anyone (esp. grad students) who might
be interested?


We are looking for 12-15 presiders for the Organizations, Occupations,
Work roundtables at the 2003 Atlanta ASA conference in August.

This is a great opportunity - especially for grad students - to get
experience facilitating discussions in an informal setting,
and to get your name on the program.

    Presiders have two main responsibilities. First, before the
conference, presiders will make sure that all papers at their table
(generally three or four papers) are circulated by email among all
presenters. Second, at the conference, presiders will
introduce presenters at their table, and facilitate
discussion (which may include a very brief discussion of central
overlapping themes, etc.).

The following is a provisional list of table themes:

- Work/family issues and conflicts (several tables)
- Discrimination and segregation in employment
- Workplace conflicts and demands
- Employee empowerment and effectiveness
- Organizational/occupational commitment
- Institutions and organizational identity
- Occupational mobility
- Non-market determinants of market position
- Employment insecurity in the new economy
- Employment patterns in East Asia:
- Networks and Organizations
- Markets and politics
- Organizational failure

    If you are interested in serving as a presider, send a message to
one of the OOW roundtables organizers listed below. Please let us know
you are
specifically interested in one of the table themes. Thanks, and we'll
forward to
a lot of great research and discussion at the roundtables in Atlanta!

Dennis Downey (dennis.downey@csbs.utah.edu)
Yong Suk Jang (yongsuk.jang@csbs.utah.edu)
Jeff Kentor (Jeffrey.kentor@csbs.utah.edu)

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