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new scenario unfolding?
by Seyed Javad
29 March 2003 18:45 UTC
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By Rumsfled attacking Syria and British adminstration launching a verbal attack on Iran it seems a new scenario emerging in both Middle East and West Asia-cum-Central Asia and Russia (due to the fact that it seems it was Russia, which, in the first place provided Syria to assist Iraq). What is the view on this new scenario in accordance to a non-Pentagonian sources? Here you can read the view by an Iranian military about the gradual unfolding of this scenario:
Tehran, March 28, IRNA -- Head of the Islamic Revolution's Guards    
Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Rahim Safavi, here Friday described  
US President George W. Bush a 'global dictator' and Iraqi leader     
Saddam Hussein a 'regional dictator'.                                
    "Both the Iraqi and American regimes are oppressive and this war 
will disrupt security and stability in the region as well as the     
world," he said before the weekly Friday prayers.                    
    Safavi also said that American efforts to win legitimacy in the  
world as well as in the region for invasion of Iraq had hit a 'dead  
    "Americans were trying to divide the military and political cost 
of the war among powerful countries by winning international         
legitimacy for the attack ... While no war coalition was formed, an  
anti-war alliance took shape instead," he said.                      
    "Americans must know that even if they manage to topple the      
oppressive and dictatorial regime of Iraq, the Iraqi people will not 
submit to a bigger dictator like America," Safavi added.             
    "The occupying forces will relinquish (power) vis-a-vis the will 
and resolution of the Iraqi people and the next regime will be created
by the people of that country."                                      
    None of the American and British calculations, including an      
immediate victory, surrender of the Iraqi regime, ouster of Saddam,  
light coalition casualties as well as cooperation of the regional    
countries and Iraqi opposition and people, become real, Safavi said. 
    "America's information and operational predictions proved wrong,"
he said, adding "Pentagon's forecasts also turned out to be          
miscalculated since Americans were forced to dispatch more troops to 
the region."                                                         
    The region could face a massive humanitarian tragedy in the      
upcoming days since there is a possibility of using unconventional   
weapons when the imminent siege of Baghdad by ground troops starts.  
    The Iranian top military commander also hit out at the Baath     
regime for destroying the "humanitarian and economic resources of the
Iranian, Kuwaiti and Iraqi nations" by imposing wars on them, which, 
he said, played into the hands of Americans and Israelis.            
    Iraq waged a destructive war against the Islamic Republic        
between 1980 and 1988, before invading Kuwait in 1990 which marked   
the first Persian Gulf War in 1991.                                  
    "America, during the eight-year Sacred Defense (Iraqi-imposed)   
war, equipped Saddam's regime with assorted types of chemical and    
biological weapons and kept silent against the use of these arms     
against the Iranian people and residents of Halabja (in northern     
Iraqi Kurdistan)," Safavi said.                                      
    "Meanwhile, in the Iraqi war against Kuwait, Americans flashed   
green light to Saddam's regime first and expanded their military     
presence in the region under the pretext of evicting Iraqi troops    
from Kuwait later," he added.                                        
    Safavi said the US-led war will threaten international security  
and order, disrupt production and prices of oil, stoke up tensions in
the Middle East and the Persian Gulf and lead to intensified         
repression of the Palestinian people by the Zionist Israeli regime.  
    "Americans violated all the UN regulations by attacking Iraq.    
This is an international breach," he said.                           
    US is looking beyond Iraq in this invasion, Safavi said, adding  
"they seek to boost and complete their military encirclement of the  
    "This belt is threatening the Central Asian nations, Russia,     
Middle East Arab states, Iran, India and China and this is a big     
satanic plan," he said.                                              
    The military commander hoped that all the world countries as     
well as Arab and Islamic nations would rise against US' belligerent  
policies and stop the war.       

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