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Bush Administration proposes the erosion of overtime pay
by Angela Jancius
28 March 2003 18:46 UTC
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Dear Colleagues,

The below message is perhaps of interest--in addition to social security
cuts and tax cuts high income brackets, the Bush Administration is attacking
overtime pay.  This war is on all fronts ...


Angela Jancius, Ph.D. Candidate
Anthropology Department
Michigan State University

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From: "Working Families e-Activist Network" <peoplepower@aflcio.org>
To: "Angela Jancius" <janciusa@msu.edu>
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 1:56 AM
Subject: Don't Let Them Take Away Overtime Pay

March 27, 2003

The Bush Administration today proposed changing federal
overtime rules and eroding the 40-hour workweek--reducing
overtime protections and cutting the pay of hundreds
of thousands of America's workers.

Overtime pay is important to many working people in
America who rely on it to support their families. Please
take one minute right now to register your opposition
to harmful changes in the federal overtime rules by
clicking on the link below to send a fax to President
Bush and a copy to your senators and representative.


With a failing economy, millions out of work and staggering
health care and prescription drug costs, this is a
burden America's workers should NOT have to bear. The
overtime rules protect workers from bosses who would
impose unbearably long hours if they didn't have to
pay extra for overtime work. Many workers would have
less predictable work schedules because of the increased
demand for overtime work.

Working families struggled for years to win the 40-hour
workweek, the weekend and other job protections like

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