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Fwd: HEBRON UPDATE: MARCH 11- 17, 2003
by KenRichard2002
27 March 2003 02:06 UTC
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HEBRON UPDATE - MARCH 11- 17, 2003

Tuesday, March 11 -Day 117 of curfew

Wednesday, March 12 - Day 118 of curfew

Thursday, March 13 - Day 119 of curfew 

The curfew was lifted from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm.

At 9:30 pm Kristin Anderson and Greg Rollins were called out to escort a 
Palestinian woman to an ambulance because she was having a heart attack. On 
their way to the woman's house with paramedics, they were stopped by a patrol 
of Israeli soldiers. The soldiers allowed the CPTers and paramedics to continue 
when they heard about the sick woman.

Thursday, March 14 - Day 120 of curfew

Friday, March 15 - Day 121 of curfew

The curfew was lifted from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The team attended a Palestinian woman's march against the war in Iraq. The 
march drew approximately 200 women who carried signs against the war and 
chanted for an end to the violence. 

Sunday, March 16 - Day 122 of curfew

William Payne and Rollins watched Palestinian school children climb down a 
ladder from a house at the edge of the old city. Because all the entrances in 
and out of the old city are blocked during curfew, the children are forced to 
go through people's homes to find a way to their schools outside the old city. 
The two CPTers intervened when Israeli border police yelled at the children to 
return home. When one of the police pulled the ladder away from the house 
Rollins pulled it out of the policeman's hands and put it back against the 
wall. The police left when Payne began to videotape their actions. 

At the Ibrahimi boys school a block away, Israeli soldiers told the principal 
there was a curfew and the school had to be closed. CPTer Art Arbour told the 
soldier that it was against the Geneva Convention to stop children from going 
to school in a war zone. "This is not a war zone," the soldier replied. "Then 
why are you here carrying a gun?" Arbour asked. "This is not a war zone and 
neither is Tel Aviv," the soldier said. "But children are allowed to go to 
school in Tel Aviv," Arbour said. "Plus, if the children here are in school, 
they will not throw rocks at you." The soldier made a call on his radio, then 
told the principal the school could remain open.

In the evening, Le Anne Clausen joined a candlelight vigil in Bethlehem against 
war in Iraq.  250-300 Palestinians and a dozen internationals from various 
organizations processed through the streets of the old city from the 
Lutheran church to the church of the Nativity.

News of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist Rachel Corrie's being 
killed by an Israeli bulldozer reached the internationals while taking part in 
the vigil. (See CPT Release: U.S. Peace Activist Crushed to Death by Israeli 
Military Bulldozer in Gaza). After returning to Jerusalem, Clausen gave a 
number of interviews to the international press about the killing and its 
impact on international peace workers in Israel and Palestine.

Monday, March 17 - Day 123 of curfew

Israeli settlers outside the settlement Beit Hadassah attacked two European 
members of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) who were 
escorting Palestinian children home from school. The settlers also attacked an 
Israeli military officer who was talking to the two TIPHers. None of the men 
were badly hurt.  

Arbour, Payne, and two members of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical 
Accompaniment (EA) Hallstein Laupsa and Tord Strom, visited Palestinian 
families in the Beqa'a valley. One of the families told the CPTers and EAers 
that settlers had come to their house at 1:00 am on the fifteenth of the March, 
and smashed some of the windows in the house. The settlers also set fire to 
both the family's cars. The family called the firefighters to put the flames 
out, but the Israeli army would not allow the fire truck to come to the house. 
The father of the family told identified the settlers who vandalized his 
property, but Israeli police responded by saying, "What can we do?"

Clausen represented several international human rights accompaniment 
organizations with field workers in Palestine at a press conference in 
Jerusalem.  She joined a panel of Israeli and Palestinian organizations who are 
forming an emergency coalition to document and try to prevent an anticipated 
mass 'transfer' of Palestinians from areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by 
the Israeli military and settlers while the US pursues its war on Iraq.

CPTers Chris Brown and Clausen traveled to Gaza to offer condolences and 
provide trauma support to the ISM team in Rafah. While there, they took part in 
a memorial walk to leave flowers at the place where Corrie was killed. An 
Israeli tank approached the peaceful procession, which included about 80 
Palestinians, and tear-gassed participants while they laid the flowers. The 
dozen internationals stood between the tank and the Palestinians, then 
processed towards the Egyptian border to lay flowers and an ISM banner along 
the wall. The tank followed them and attempted to bulldoze the banner and 
flowers. The ISM activists and several Palestinians responded by placing 
flowers and pictures of Corrie on the tank while appealing to the tank to allow 
them to mourn in peace. Two more tanks and the bulldozer that killed Corrie 
also drove past the group, firing shots and tear-gassing as they passed. At one 
point, several Palestinian boys entered the no-man's land near the Egyptian 
border. Brown and an ISM coordinator tried to prevent the boys from getting 
near the heavy machinery. A Palestinian doctor whose house was saved from 
demolition when Corrie was killed gathered the boys and young men present to 
sit together on the sand while the machinery passed. While sitting, the 
Palestinians and internationals were tear-gassed again. Due to the rising 
tension among the group, the Palestinians and internationals left the area.


Christian Peacemaker Teams is an ecumenical initiative to support violence 
reduction efforts around the world.  To learn more about CPT's peacemaking 
work, please visit our website at http://www.cpt.org.
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