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Re: Support Our Troops
by GlobalCirclenet
23 March 2003 16:55 UTC
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Good point I think, but the essential idea is to refute the propaganda that
our free speech is harming "our troops" and giving aid and comfort to the
enemy.  What is harming "our troops" is attacking a country that has never
attacked or threatened the US. WE are the patriots.

--paul, webmaster http://globalcircle.net
peace and liberty, sustainability and justice

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On 3/23/2003 at 10:01 AM Paul Gomberg wrote:

>The end of Stan Goff's piece seems to contradict the beginning where he 
>seems to say that what we do makes no difference to troop willingness to 
>fight for the imperialists.
>I will assume that his report of his feelings during the invasion of 
>Grenada are accurate. But it does not take much reflection to recognize 
>that the fate of the U.S. imperialist venture in Vietnam was at least 
>influenced by the anti-war movement and anti-racist urban rebellions in 
>the U.S. They contributed to the rebellion within the U.S. military that 
>eventually forced U.S. withdrawal.
>We should not avoid the politics implied in slogans such as "support our 
>troops." *Our* troops, our people are the international working class, 
>not the soldiers of a particular nation. We oppose imperialism and 
>imperialist wars. We fight to put an end to the system that creates war 
>after war in search of profits and control of strategic resources such 
>as oil. (This is really a war against European capitalists!!) The 
>movements we build influence both the will of U.S. soldiers to fight for 
>imperialist goals and the will of anti-imperialists elsewhere to resist 
>imperialism. We should acknowledge and take pride in that.

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