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Re: Lieven on Bush strategy (fwd)
by Michael Pugliese
12 November 2002 21:43 UTC
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   Radio interview w/Lieven by Doug Henwood, 

11/12/02 7:20:26 AM, Boris Stremlin <bstremli@binghamton.edu> wrote:

>On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 Threehegemons@aol.com wrote:
>> Excellent article.  I've believed for a while that Jews might defect to 
the Republicans, with dramatic consequences for American politics, given the 
reliance of the Democratic party on their money.  He paints a grim picture of 
future politics--on the Republican side, Christian fundamentalists, Jews, as 
well as the assorted capitalists and upper middle classes who support their 
economic program.  On the other side, a divided, demoralized, and poorly 
organized proletariat.  But what of the continuing widespread support for the 
cultural program of the sixties?  For example, support for legalized 
abortion.  Or consider feelings about legalizing marijuana--I've been amazed, 
at fairly conservative schools I've taught at, how few students (actually 
none) will speak up in defense of the status quo of maintaining its 
illegality  (Jews, ironically, simultaneously agree with the nationalists of 
the Republicans on foreign policy while being more sold on counterculture 
values than any !
>other group in the US).  Will the Democrats be able to recover by riding 
this cultural conflict? And what sort of effective strategies outside the US 
might emerge? This article, after all, is a little devoid on strategy..
>It's going to be tough sledding for anyone who challenges the
>administration on social issues like legalization (which took some knocks
>during this election).  The outcome is not likely to be any more
>successful than saying "it's the economy, stupid".  It seems that the
>strategy outlined in this article is that the war preemts all other
>issues, and succeeds in getting Republicans elected whenever they are not
>explicitly challenged on their international policy, and whenever clear
>alternatives are presented.  The purging of Gephardt is a necessary first
>step, but there is a lot more that needs to be done before a clear
>alternative is presented which actually gets the Democratic majority to
>turn out and vote.
>Incidentally, as has been mentioned previously, Bush is not the only one
>to adopt this strategy.  In Israel, in Russia, and in South Asia, the
>parties in power have adopted a similar tactic to remain in power in the
>foreseeable future.  The only thing that will probably stop them at this
>point is a catastrophic failure in war.
>Boris Stremlin

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