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Re: Latin America in Red
by n0705590
28 October 2002 14:36 UTC
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Steven - I totally agree with you when you write that these people are not 
'revolutionary' in the traditional sense, but the question is: are they not 
because they know that it would take them nowhere or are they not because they 
don't 'believe' in it?  As you stated, the do not seek confrontation with the 
US, and that's correct.  But do they not because they have learnt from Latin 
American history? That is, would they WANT to be, but they have learnt the 
harsh realities of 'power politics'?  Are they revolutionaries in 'intent' but 
not in 'facts', but, paradoxically, can their objectives be achieved without 
conforntation with the US?  In other words...are we dealing with 'latent', or 
'passive' revolutionary projects?  For instance, Chavez tends to stir up a 
certain amount of arguments, but tends to do exactely the opposite 
(hmmm...Cardoso?)- but does he have a choice, really? Can he do anything other 
that to devaluate the Bolivar, after having witnessed what a managed exchange 
rate with the dollar has done to the Southern Cone?  What you write about 
their possible incapacity to control events they have initiated, this is 
already quite obvious in Venezuela - but is this a phenomenon that should be 
welcomed regardless?

>===== Original Message From Threehegemons@aol.com =====
>Damian--I'm glad you brought up this topic.  It has definitely been flying 
under the radar of wsn for some time.  Briefly, I don't think any of these 
regimes are 'revolutionary' in the traditional sense of defeating or 
dissolving the armed forces in favor of a more popularly rooted organization 
of coercion.  And I don't think Chavez, Lula, or Guitierrez are particularly 
eager to confront the US.  Nevertheless, their elections clearly raise popular 
hopes throughout the region, which will set off a dynamic they may not be able 
to control. And it should be noted that all to some extent represent 'new 
left' forces like marginalized peoples, Indians, etc.
>Its also worth noting that Bush has squandered the opportunity to consolidate 
an alliance with the Fox regime in Mexico.  All Fox has asked for is some 
progress on the immigration issue.  Today there are reports that Mexico will 
not go along with the US resolution in the security council regarding Iraq.
>Steven Sherman

Damian Popolo
PhD candidate
Newcastle University
Department of Politics
Room 301

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