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On culture, power, and money.
by francesco ranci
24 October 2002 14:22 UTC
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I quote Immanuel Wallerstein: 
In 1989, I gave a talk on "World-Systems Analysis: The
Second Phase." In that article, I outlined a num­ber
of tasks unfinished. I said that the key issue, and
"the hard­est nut to crack" was how to overcome the
distinction of three social are­nas: the economic, the
political, and the socio-cultural. 

I agree. The three social arena are funcional to the
main values of our society: money & power
(sex and food are private matters), the rest can be
funny or useful to know, or just go to hell.
Such distinctions can be overcomed by changing one's
values, I would like to say. 
But of course, there is a history of speculations and
a language that based on them.
And, of course, if people want money first, economics
will work best as a science (as Maw Weber said in
1918, he actually said referred to the "businessman
But I think there is a way out: money is a form of
power, power is a way of convincing others (honestly
or not, with guns, words or money) to do what you want
them to do - which can take many cultural forms.
Francesco Ranci

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