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There really is an Iraq - 9/11 link, after all
by John Leonard
11 October 2002 05:32 UTC
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Press Release, October 10, 2002

To look at Iraq in the light of 9/11 - or at 9/11 in the light of war on Iraq?

Yesterday the Christian Science Monitor let the cat have a peek out of the 
bag when they wrote:
"Bush's speech Monday reveals how much America, not Hussein, has changed...
The Bush administration ... is focusing not so much on new charges as on 
old information presented in a new context...
'On Sept. 11, 2001, America felt its vulnerability even to threats that 
gather on the other side of the earth," said President Bush on Monday.' " (1)

In other words, no news on the Iraq front. All Bush has to push for war is 
September 11.
That was all we had to go on for the invasion of Afghanistan, too (waged 
for a UNOCAL president and pipeline there, and the greater glory and profit 
of the Bush family's Carlyle Group and Cheney's Halliburton).

On Iraq, the Monitor summarized, "It isn't President Hussein that has 
changed. It is us." Who had an interest to engineer a change in us?

There is an immense, and immensely disturbing body of evidence of 
self-terror on 9/11 - all over the Internet, and in a recently released 
book, The War on Freedom. (2). Despite the apparent 9/11-Taliban link, the 
US Army let perennial scapegoat bin Laden escape again. Of course, Osama 
collaborated with the CIA during the Soviet-Afghan war, and the bin Laden 
family have deep and longstanding business ties with the Bushes in the 
Carlyle Group. Right after Sept. 11, when all other air flights were 
grounded, a special charter flight whisked the bin Ladens out of the US. On 
the morning of Sept. 11 itself, Pakistani general Mahmud Ahmed, who 
transferred $100,000 to Mohamed Atta through a bagman linked to the CIA, 
was sitting with the congressional CIA committee chairmen, who now head the 
commission to investigate "intelligence failure" on 9/11. Not one person in 
the FAA or Pentagon has been disciplined for failing to follow standard 
procedures and intercept the hijacked Boeings.

How is it that option trades on airline shares, made with clear 
foreknowledge of 911, were traced not to Al-Qaeda, but to the AB Brown 
bank, with very strong CIA links (and even a historical link to the Bushes, 
through their family bank Brown Bros. Harriman) - but then ignored? There 
are literally dozens of such unexplained issues.

And as for the other recent change in Afghanistan: the opium harvest is 
back up to pre-Taliban levels. Is that also what the war was about? Is it 
coincidence that Bush and Cheney are members of a Yale fraternity that was 
founded on the opium trade to China? Or that Bush and Cheney started taking 
the anthrax antidote Cipro on Sept. 11, a month before the anthrax scare 
was public?

The administration attempt to pin the anthrax attacks on Iraq failed 
miserably. Yet when it became clear the source came from our own US Army, 
the investigation went nowhere. The C.S. Monitor, among others, has 
documented how Bush Sr. used lies to get allied support for the first Gulf 
War - a non-existent tank buildup on the Saudi border, and the imaginary 
incubator baby atrocity. (3)

So all Bush has to go on against Iraq is 9/11 - but he has shown no link 
between 9/11 and Iraq, despite many attempts to fabricate one. Let us look 
now at those clear links implicating the Bush coterie in 9/11, in arranging 
a pretext for war, as the cunning tactic of a clique of private-sector 

It is also none too soon to look at the eagerness of the Bushes to decimate 
Iraq's civilian population, in light of the origins of the Bush family 
political and commercial fortune: the financing of Hitler's rise to power 
by Prescott Bush and associates, his payoff in Auschwitz slave labor for 
the Thyssen-Flick steel works there, which he personally managed, (4) and 
which financed the Bush family's political careers - a blood money scandal 
which, incredibly, has been suppressed throughout the election campaigns of 
all three generations of Bushes.

When the Reichstag burned and the Bush-Thyssen protegé Hitler seized power, 
America had already gone to war twice on what were assuredly acts of 
self-terror: the sinking of the Maine and the Lusitania. Strange? Not at 
all. After all, America first introduced bioweapons to Iraq, and nuclear 
ones to the world.

(1) "Why US won't give way on Iraq," 
(2) www.thewaronfreedom.com
(3) "In war, some facts less 
factual",  http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/0906/p01s02-wosc.html
(4) "Heir to the Holocaust. Prescott Bush, 1.5 Million Dollars, and 
Auschwitz: How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust," 
by Toby Rogers, Clamor Magazine. Based on an interview with John Loftus, 
president of the Florida Holocaust 
Museum.  http://www.clamormagazine.org/features/issue14.3_feature.html

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