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by Sebastian Budgen
08 October 2002 21:31 UTC
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Dear Comrades/Colleagues

Historical Materialism seeks to publish critical discursive reviews/review
articles of recent publications that would be of interest to Marxists and
readers of the journal. In particular encourages reviews that contextualise
and extend debate, and accepts reviews of books that have affinities or
common debates upon which critical discourse can be developed. It normally
allows between 3,000 and 6,000 words for a review, and potential
contributors are asked to seek out a copy of the journal to familiarise
themselves with the style and nature of the publication - we tend to reject
short, purely descriptive pieces.

If you are a historical materialist and want to review for us, let us know
what areas you are willing to review in, and tell us what your research
interests are (some indication of previous publications would be useful). I
list below a sample of books currently available for review that we are
actively seeking reviewers for. If you want more details about the book,
please contact me. If you already know the book and/or the author/editor,
please give us some outline of how you would plan to deal with the book in a
review. For any enquiries or correspondence in this regard, mail Paul
Reynolds on reynoldp@edgehill.ac.uk (full contact details are below in the
e-mail signature.) 

Current Books Available for Review (some are suggested in 'bundles)':

- Salt of the Earth/Thraxton - & The Generalissimošs Son/Taylor - &
Postmodernism and China/Dirlik and Zhang - & Inventing China through
History/Wang and Suny & Forging Reform in China/Steinfeld & Transforming
Asian Socialism/Chan et al.
- What's the matter with the Internet?/Poster ­ Minnesota
- Social capital versus Social Theory/Fine
- Socialist Europe and Revolutionary Russia/Naarden
- Kronstadt 1917-1921: The fate of a Soviet Democracy/Getzler
- New Directions in Soviet History/White
- Forging Democracy/Eley
- The Mighty Experiment/ Drescher
- - Transnational Capitalism and the Struggle over European
- New Regionalisms in the Global Political Economy/ (ed) Breslin et al /
Globalisation. Regionalisation and Cross Border Regions /ed Perkmann and Sum
& Globalisation at the Margins/ed Grant and Short & Globalisation and
Insecurity/Harris-White & The Enigma of Globalisation/Went
- Capitalist Restructuring, Globalisation and the Third Way/Ryner
-. The Politics of the Urban Poor in Early C20th India/Goopta

-. The Liberal Model and Africa/Good & Economic Recovery in Africa/ Makhan &
Africa since 1940/Cooper & The Economic Decline of Zimbabwe / Jenkins and

-. Markets, Class and Social Change (South Asia)/Crow & Japan at a
deadlock/Morishima & State-Led Modernisation and the new Middle Class in
Malaysia/Embong & Japan and the Reconstruction of East Asia/Kelly &
Southeast Asia Industrialisation/ed Jomo & The Social Impact of the Asia
Crisis/ed Hoa

-. Our Kind of Freedom(us Slavery)/Ransom and Such & Coercion, Contract and
free labor in the C19th (US)/ Steinfeld

-  Globalisation on the Line (US Borders) /ed Sadowski-Smith
- . Global Unions/ (ed) Harrod and O'Brien / Global Governance: Critical
perspectives/(ed) Wilkinson and Hughes / Towards a Global polity/(ed)
Ougaard and Higgott/Global Justice-Transnational politics/ed De grieff and
- Egalitarian Politics in the Age of Globalisation/ed Murphy
-. The Transition to a Colonial Economy/Parthasarathi

- The International Political Economy of Transformation (Argentina, Brazil
and Chile)/Pang & The Unidad Popular and the Pinochet Dictatorship/Meller
- Globalisation and History (Atlantic Economy) /O'Rourke and Williamson
- Workers and peasants in the Middle East/Benin
- Murdering the Dead/ Amadeo Bordiga & Bordiga vs Pannekoek
- Divided Natures (Ecology)/Whiteside
- Sukhanov, Chronicler of the Russian Revolution/Getzler
Social Forces in the Making of the New Europe/ed Bieler & Morton & - The
Politics of Europe/ed Bonefeld

- . Globalisation and Third World Socialism (Cuba and VietNam/Brundenius and
- Reinterpreting the French Revolution/Stone & The War on the Streets in
Revolutionary Paris/Harsin & The French Second Empire/Price
-  The Culmination of Capital (essays on Vol 3)/ed campbell and Reuten
- The Politics of Nature/Roe (ed)
- Women, Gender and Industrialisation/Honeyman & Adapting to
capitalism/Sharpe & Debating gender in Early Modern England 1500-1700/ed
Malcolmson & Suzuki
- The Politics of the Excluded 1500-1850/(ed) Harris
- What Global Economic Crisis/ed Arestis et al & The Global Crisis
 -Inequality around the World/Freeman

- Authority and Markets (Susan Strange Anthology)/Ed Tooze and May &
Critical Perspectives on International Political Economy/(ed) Abbott and
- The Post-Colonial Middle Ages/ ed Cohen
- Origins of the French Welfare State/Dutton
- Karl Popper 1902-1945/Hacohen & Kuhn, Philosopher of Scientific
Revolution/Sharrock and Read
- The Communist party of Great Britain since 1920/Eaden and Renton
- Unmasking LA/ed Sawhney
- States of Confinement/ed James
- Habermas, Critical Theory and Health/ Graham Scrambler
-. Suspensions of Perception/ Crary

- Romanticism and Millenariianism/ed Fulford
- The Underground of the Phantom of the Opera/Hogle
-. The Divided City (Ancient Athens)/Loraux

-. Metal and Flesh (evolution)/ Dyens

-. Shelley and Revolutionary Ireland - O'Brien

- Marx and Wittgenstein / Ed Kitching and Pleasants
- George Bataille: An Intellectual Biography/Surya
- Civil Society and democratic Theory/ Baker
-. Hegemony - A Realist Analysis/ Joseph

- The Specter of Democracy/Howard
- The Origins of Left-Libertarianism/ed Vallentyne and Steiner &
Left-Libertarianism and its critics/ed Vallentyne and Steiner
- Reflections of Political Theory/Neal Wood
- International Civil Society/Colas
- Economic Management  and French Business/Maclean
- Neoliberalism and neopanamercianism - view from Latin America/(ed)Prevost
and Campos

Best Wishes


Paul Reynolds
Senior Lecturer in Politics and Sociology
Centre for Studies in the Social Sciences
Edge Hill College
St Helens Road
Lancs L394QP
Tel: 01695 584370
email: reynoldp@edgehill.ac.uk

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