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Re: questions for discussion
by John Leonard
29 September 2002 05:26 UTC
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At 22:00 28.9.02 -0400, Threehegemons@aol.com wrote:
>  I am not sure exactly what a US-Europe split would mean. Would Europe 
> rearm? Would they become much more aggressive about taking a different 
> political/economic/diplomatic tack?

Steve, I'll take a stab at that, even a vague one.

Europe is still moving gradually ahead in terms of social and intellectual 
The USA has actually going in reverse in those spheres in the last 20 years.
That alone means a split is inevitable.
Europeans are not as wild about arms, aggressive postures, politics and 
economics as they are about quality of life.
This cultural split has been there as long as I can remember. The US can 
only export, it can't listen and learn.
What could happen next is that the atrocious arsonist-fireman-cowboy 
scenario to control Eurasia means we lose our standing even in Europe.
The world realizes they don't need us all that much. On the contrary.

A couple possible results for the US are a new isolationism, or a serious 
effort to catch up with the rest of the human race, or a split between the 
progressive and backward-looking parts of our country.

There is a story of the preacher who came to town and gave daily sermons, 
warning the folk to shun evil. This went on ad nauseam.
Finally the aldermen came to him, and said they had drawn their conclusions 
from his advice.
They had decided to shun the pastor instead.

It's Georg Putsch who brought up the subject of evil, and keeps hammering 
away at it.
Come to think of it, he really is evil. And so, it increasingly appears, is 
the United States.

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