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Johan Galtungs papers on the web
by Tausch, Arno
23 September 2002 10:44 UTC
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Dear all,

Johan has two very interesting papers on the web regarding 09/11:



I should also stress in view of my high esteem for the investuigative work
of Nafeez M. Ahmed that Johan as well says explicitly:

TRACK II: The War on Freedom (14) will continue. The massive, Christian
fundamentalist right (but not of the Falwell-Robertson more lunatic variety)
also makes use of the window of opportunity created by September 11 to
attack freedoms gained after hard struggle against those forces. US
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) mentions the erosion of the First,
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments, together major parts of the
human rights package. (15) The saying "Military justice is to justice what
military music is to music" is belittled by the Guantanamo process: this is
not music=justice at all but a travesty. What is left to defend against
terrorism? Why confirm their hypothesis that there will be massive

Footnote 14 by Johan says then:

14. The title of the excellent publication by Nafeez Mosadeq Ahmed, with the
sub-title US Complicity in 9-11 and the New Imperialism, January 2002, at 


I, Arno Tausch, add that am glad that this matter on the printed first
edition of the War on Freedom book is now behind us. There will be a second
edition, I learn 

Kind regards

Arno Tausch

PS Unfortunately the error involving my name was indeed on the part of the
publisher. My available January 2002 draft  on which my positive assessment
is  based ended with a page 98 that caried a footnote 220.

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