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NYTimes.com Article: In Quietly Courting Africa, U.S. Likes the Dowry: Oil
by swsystem
19 September 2002 16:50 UTC
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This article from NYTimes.com 
has been sent to you by swsystem@aol.com.

<<<During the 1990's, the Clinton administration tried to increase trade and 
investment in Africa, while promoting efforts to fight AIDS. But there was not 
a sense that the continent was strategically important. Oil is changing that 

Pursuing Al Quaeda, Overthrowing Saddam Hussein, (supposedly) building a 
tighter relationship with Mexico and developing an FTAA, possibly scheming to 
overthrow the Chinese government--is there any part of the 'developing' world 
that is not currently a 'strategic priority' for the US?

Steven Sherman


In Quietly Courting Africa, U.S. Likes the Dowry: Oil

September 19, 2002

Africa, the neglected stepchild of American diplomacy, is
rising in strategic importance to Washington policy makers.


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