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WG: From Mother Jones Publisher Jay Harris
by Tausch, Arno
18 September 2002 12:29 UTC
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-----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----
Von: MoJournal [mailto:MoJournal2@topica.email-publisher.com]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 18. September 2002 12:30
An: arno.tausch@bmags.gv.at
Betreff: From Mother Jones Publisher Jay Harris

  Dear MoJournal Reader,

  On the anniversary of September 11, as the press relived the 
  2001 terrorist attacks, Mother Jones strengthened its 
  commitment to reporting that can hold government and business
  in account.

  During the past year, non-profit Mother Jones has not backed 
  down from critically analyzing our government's response to
  the tragedy of 9/11. We're not afraid to turn a skeptical eye
  on the Bush Administration or Capitol Hill! You can help us
  keep the heat on with your financial support.

  Just last week we posted our biannual "Diddly Awards," this
  year hailing the Rubber Stamp 107th Congress. On the eve of a
  crucial election that will determine the role of progressives
  in our government for the next two years, I thought you'd
  enjoy a re-cap of some of Congress members' most outrageous
  comments this term.

  *The September 11 Demagoguery Award was won by Rep. Saxby
   Chamblis (R-Ga.) who suggested that a good strategy to combat
   terrorism would be to "arrest every Muslim that crosses the
   state line."

  *Dan Quayle dominates The Dan Quayle Award. This year, during
   the increase of violence in Israel, Quayle struggled to
   maintain a balanced attitude, asking, "How many Palestinians
   were on those airplanes on September 9? None."

  *And Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) won the Rank Hypocrisy Award.
   After taking campaign money from Enron, Tauzin went on to
   denounce the company. Later he complained when a cable news
   network began flashing on-screen the amounts that politicians
   received from the bankrupt company. "People hate hypocrites,"
   Tauzin observed.

  To read the full awards see 

  Congress may have abandoned its constitutional duty by allowing
  an imperial presidency, but Mother Jones (unlike the corporate
  media) will always serve as a watchdog!

  In fact, our Washington Editor, "Watchdog" Ken Silverstein, is
  dedicated to dogged Government and Corporate Accountability
  reporting. (You may have read Ken's recent report "Born-Again
  Zionists" on evangelical Christians' role in shaping Bush's
  Israel policy.)

  Join us in keeping Mother Jones' revelatory journalism healthy
  and thriving. I urge you to make a generous tax-deductible
  contribution to the Mother Jones Investigative Fund today.      

  Checks may be made payable and mailed to:
  Mother Jones Investigative Fund
  Attn: MoJournal
  731 Market St., Suite 600
  San Francisco, CA 94606

  Jay Harris
  President & Publisher
  Foundation for National Progress

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