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Re: Fw: Affective measures in the social sciences produce more ideologic agit...
by Nemonemini
16 September 2002 22:50 UTC
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In a message dated 9/16/2002 5:44:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, malexan@net-link.net writes:

John Landon writes:

I was referring more generally to Very Large Scale historical 'evolution', and there we have to take everything into account from high to low. And the complexity is too vast for any simple model.


Very complex phenomenon can sometimes be described adequately using very simple models.

I certainly agree that the complex can also be very simple. I am afraid my eonic model is too much to take in at first, but if you can penetrate the rapidly expanding scale you will see a very simple system able to do something ingenious and beautiful. I can call it the 'stream and sequence' effect, labelled t-stream and e-sequence in the model, or temporal stream and eonic sequence.

Look at the middle phase period, formerly the Axial Age, now my ET5.
Look at the temporal stream of Greek civilization. It proceeds from minus infinity as some tribe of Indo-Europeans, etc, among many others, and then arrives in the field of the Middle East and produces a derivative Myceanaean civilization. This collapses, there is a Dark Age.
Then the great pickup up starts in the Greek Archaic. Homer is the first signature. Then the many city states, then the Age of Solon, then the classic flowering. Then by about 400 a swift falloff. The center of gravity is taken too late, because the flowering is not the same as the gestation which is earlier and less spectacular, viz. ca. the period of 'Homer'.

What explains this sudden phenomenon. We should look for its causal antecedents. But then we see the same phenom in five places in almost exact synchrony, from Rome to China!
Thus we see the question is one of a period of phase, it happens on schedule in a larger system. The macrohistorical system is an intermittent sequence of phases moving in parallel across the temporal stream of Greek civilization. This spectacular effort shows how we can construct, if we don't easily miss, a macro evolution from the general field of 'micro-cultural evolution'. Thus the phase operates in an intermittent sequence on the continuous stream of these cultures.
It is an efficient way to produce directionality out of random fields.

It is worth noting how confused we are by the Old Testament. While all this was going on in Greece (and India, and China), the Israelites underwent a similar process (in a more general Middle Easter field). They were so impressed they thought it the action of God. It was only the phase period of the eonic sequence, an eonic effect.

I keep trying, but noone believes me. It takes a slow but steady accumulation of data from close study.

So the beautiful simplicity arises in a distinct, though unknown, global component to evolution, operating on temporal streams in fast burts.
So far ahead of our crude models of scientism that it is embarrassing.

Enough to make Hegel and Darwin both obsolete.

We can also rewrite the rise of the modern in these terms. We see that we confuse the temporal stream (Europe) field with the eonic sequence (the modern transformation wrestled with by Marx, Weber, Polanyi, systems theorists).

So, slowly but surely, the instances of being called crazy dimish like a bouncing ball, and what I am saying sinks in.
Amazing simplicity in the greatest possible complexities. All we need to do is explain how something can operate on multiple zones in parallel over millennia.
Some kind of macro system! No wonder Darwin was so far off.

John Landon
Website on the eonic effect
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