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Re: My definite review of the book: WAR ON FREEDOM
by Khaldoun Samman
13 September 2002 15:06 UTC
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Arno Tausch, could you please provide the sections of this book you consider to be anti-semitic and filled with crude conspiracy theory?  I'd like to look it up and evaluate your analysis myself.  Not to deny your claims, I've heard many charges of anti-semitism towards Arabs and Muslims lately and little about the conspiracy theories eminating from Israel and the US about Terrorists in our neighborhoods and Apartment complexes or the secret trades of nuclear and biological weapons taking place in the Arab and Palestinian communties to terrorize Jews and Americans everywhere.  So I admit I'm a little skeptical of your trying to save face with US Senators and others, but I will give your review a sincere evaluation nonetheless.

Thanks, Khaldoun


"Tausch, Arno" wrote:

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001
by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Product Details

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Tree of Life Publications; ISBN: 0930852400; (July 2002)
Average Customer Review: Based on 17 reviews. Write a review.

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 698

I was originally quite impressed by the provisional word text file version
of the study by colleague Dr. Ahmed from Britain on the tragedy of September
11. My own first positive electronic comment on the first version of the
text, sent to me by Peter Spengler in Frankfurt, a joint friend of Professor
Andre Gunder Frank and me - is now on the book cover of that book (in
company with several other, well-known academic authors and the democratic
representative for Georgia, Congresswoman Mrs. Cynthia Mc Kinney).

Dr. Ahmed's website article on the flight security aspects of September 11
is still indeed what I say on the cover text - powerful, disturbing,
interesting, especialy the first part of it:


I cannot escape the impression, that in the printed final version of the
book which I never saw before it went in print (with my name on the cover) -
there is now really too much in terms of conspiracy theories and what have
you, and too little in terms of serious intelligence policy research, too
much news based on some websites, and too little hints of evidence, based on
the serious world press.

I now have to say, that I withdraw my positive assessment, printed on the
book cover, for all future editions.

The most glaring weakness is the contradiction now present in the book in
the treatment of Israel. In the original draft which I could read, many
western security agencies - including the Mossad - are positively mentioned
(the Israeli one three times) -and I think correctly - as warning against
the impending catastrophe.

In the world systems network at Colorado University, I have gone on record
by providing world scholarship with interesting internet links to items
published in the Guardian, Al Ahram, the Kashmir Sentinel, and Pravda which
give an interesting background on the foreign policy errors by successful US
administrations in the region since the times of the Afghan wars in the

Future Congressional investigations will - I hope - ask present and past
decision makers in Washington about phenomena like these - the Pakistani ISI
under Lt. General Hamid GUL, the institution that "created" these "freedom"
fighters with "God on their side" (Z. Brzezinski)in the first place:


Mr. Nafeez M. Ahmed has given a dramatic turn in the published version -
what looked in the draft as a serious account of the intelligence failure of
September 11 has now become in the final printed version as THE great
Israeli conspiracy.

I trust that other people figuring on the cover - Congresswoman McKinney,
and Professors McMurty and Peter Dale Scott - do share my apprehensions
against the construction of such conspiracy theories.

Why should the Mossad have warned against the threat (pages 114 etc. of the
printed book; and on 3 pages in the draft) when in the end they are
described in the later 1/3 of the book as the real culprits? So they warned
against a crime which they were about to perpetrate? This is absurd, really
absurd! And what about the hundreds of Jewish victims of September 11?

I would be grateful if other sources also could seriously review the book:
THE WAR ON FREEDOM, by Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed, and that they also dwell on
the strengths and weaknesses of his kind of analysis. I have decided to go
public with that debate; and I have a good international academic and also a
former diplomatic name to defend.

Having written only 60 % of his final text, colleague Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
would have prepared the groundwork for a good scholary book, that could have
been used by a serious investigation at the US Congress and other bodies.
Instead of portraying his output as facts, he should have formulated, say,
60 or 80 questions to decision makers. A good title and subtitle would be:
The Intelligence Failure of September 11 - questions on why ... etc.

Now he has ruined the logic of his arguments completely, and has sided with
easy and false conspiracy theories, has given arguments to anti-semites and
other people, with whom I do not want to have anything to do, and I think,
the other scholars and Congresswoman McKinney, all mentioned on the book
cover as well, also do not want to have anything to do.

I should also stress that this statement should not preclude a serious
academic and moral debate about human rights violations in the Occupied
Territories and suicide terrorism against Jewish targets in Israel, let
alone the US-bombing of innocent civilians by depleted uranium etc. in the
wake of September 11 in Afghanistan.

Dr. Arno TAUSCH, Associate Visiting Professor of Political Science,
Innsbruck University

Tel. (0043 - 1) 711 - 00 - 2272
e-mail-Adresse: Arno.Tausch@BMSG.gv.at

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