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Re: Hegel, philosophy of history and the eonic model
by Nemonemini
17 August 2002 03:29 UTC
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In a message dated 8/15/2002 7:40:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Nemonemini writes:

I noticed that Luke Rondinaro's very interesting little essay seemed suddenly
to exclaim about Hegelian Geist.
I dislike Hegel bashing, but...;  And I note the eonic introduction
specifically disallows the use of the term 'god' in the eonic model. Whether
that includes 'geist' I didn't say, but since that is something else, and
Hegel may have been an atheist (or not), the question is a non-starter.
The problem is that Hegel saw clearly that there is something strange about
history, a fact obvious from the eonic effect. Look at the Axial Age
confusion, and the hard data in spite of that confusion.
No normal causal system is going to be able to deal with that. Just as Hegel

You might be interested in following the reaction of some Hegelians at hegel@yahoogroups Hegel to my plug for Hegel post. All I can say is, time for some Hegel-bashing. (Or maybe skip it, but this is to set the record straight, since praising Hegel is an exercise in futility)
Those who attack Hegel invariably fail, but his defenders can be worse. The question is simple, and is seen in the flaw dead center in Hegel's teleological history. He flounders in the Kantian 'antinomy of teleological judgement', abysmally. My eonic model spots the trap right away.  Very sad.
After two centuries of Marxist mayhem, time to see the sick joke, not solved by Hegel bashing.
Geist is bullshit, so don't negate Geist, Hegel will outsmart you.
Silence in a dark night, that's it.

Sorry, have to say it. Praising Hegel can be dangerous. One sees Marx's puzzled alarm. But Marxists tend to flounder in the same antinomy.
Here's my reply to Paul Trejo, who attacks the slightest deviation from the Hegelian line:
Paul, my first reply was not posted. Is that debate? You wish to play hardball with one side. Hardball was at the old Hegel-l. You want hardball, we bring out the heavy artillery, Schopenhauer.  I have no interest in 'debate' here, then, since I must adapt my replies to a certain 'correctness'. I merely lurk to listen. I already see the trap in a single bit of praise of Hegel.
The Hegel bashers, I have criticized, as lacking in understanding. But could not the Hegelians, so-called be worse?
Hardball? The flaw smack in the middle of Hegel's philosophy of history is his teleological confusion, and I think it is a footnote to Kant's 'antinomy of teleological judgement' writ large.
Still, I put up with Hegel since it is like a trial. Kant prosecutes metaphysics, Hegel for the defense. So I give Hegel some attention.
But don't ever mistake my eonic model for some Hegelian teleological illusion about Geist.
The rest is your business, not mine.
If you wish hardball, we must have a list with no moderator, like the old Hegel-l. There I made myself clear.
The moderator won't post it, I think.

Open Schopenhauer on almost any page.

Hegel creates stupidity in certain minds. Sorry I mentioned it.
Back to Hegel bashing.

Enough of this.

John Landon
Website on the eonic effect
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