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Bibliography on Global Apartheid
by g kohler
16 July 2002 22:00 UTC
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SELECTED REFERENCES concerning "global apartheid" - books, articles, and occasional uses of the term. References to national-level apartheid, e.g. American Apartheid, Israeli-Palestinian apartheid, etc., are omitted. To whom it may concern.



UN General Assembly (1973) "International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid" [does not use the term "global apartheid"]

Kφhler, Gernot (1978) ‘Global Apartheid’, Working Paper No. 7, World Order Models Project, New York, 1978. Also in: Alternatives (Institute for World Order/World Policy Institute, USA), vol. 4, no. 2 (October), pp. 263-275. Reprinted in: Richard Falk, S. Kim and S. Mendlovitz (eds.) , Toward a Just World Order. Boulder, USA: Westview Press, 1982, pp. 315-325

Kφhler, Gernot (1978) ‘Disarmament and Global Apartheid’, Humanity Calls (New Delhi, India), (June): 9-14,47-50


Tutu, Desmond (1984) on the occasion of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 1984 - "In a sermon in Oslo cathedral. . .His account of the effects of apartheid was restrained, . . . observing that the injustice to be found in his country was a microcosm of conditions found, in different degrees, all over the world." (p. 209 from Shirley du Boulay, Tutu: Voice of the Voiceless. London, UK: Penguin Books, 1989)


Nuscheler, Franz, und C. Wilss-Hasenkamp (1991), "Menschen auf der Flucht: Fluechtlingskrisen als Folge von 'globaler Apartheid'", edp - Dritte Welt Information (Germany), 1991: 8/9/89, pp. 1-12

Rufin, Jean-Christophe (1991), Das Reich und die neuen Barbaren. Berlin, Germany: Verlag Volk und Welt. quotation p. 247: "Diplomatie der Apartheid im Weltmassstab". [ French original: L'empire et les nouveaux barbares. 1991]

Makhijani, A. (1993), ‘Economic Apartheid in the New World Order’, in: P. Bennis and M. Moushabeck (eds.), Altered States: A Reader in the New World Order. New York, USA: Olive Branch Press

Mische, Patricia M. (1993), "Ecological Security in an Interdependent World," in R. Falk et al. (eds.), The Constitutional Foundations of World Peace. Albany, USA: State University of New York Press, 1993). Quotation p 110-111: ""Latent racism in the new form of 'ecological apartheid' . . . Those exporting toxic wastes . . . have fewer scruples about putting African, Asian , or Latin American children at risk."

Richmond, Anthony H. (1994), Global Apartheid: Refugees, Racism, and the New World Order. Toronto, Canada: Oxford University Press.

Alternatives (1994), Special Issue: "Against Global Apartheid", Alternatives (USA), vol. 19, No. 2 (Spring 1994)

Mazrui, A. (1994) ‘Global Apartheid: Structural and Overt’, Alternatives (USA/India), vol.19, no. 2, p. 185-188

UNDP (1994), Human Development Report 1994. New York, USA: United Nations. Quotation p.80 regarding Northern experts working in the South: "There is salary apartheid for similar expertise - with foreign experts sometimes getting several times as much as national experts."

Jackson, R.M. (ed.) (1994), Global Issues 94/95. Guilford, USA: Dushkin. Quotation p. v: "technological apartheid"

Williams, Dessima (1994), "Gendered Global Apartheid: Women, Imperialism, and the Struggle for Civil Society," article from intern gopher, University of Colorado, Virtual Seminar, Reding List, 1994.

Kφhler, Gernot (1995) ‘The Three Meanings of Global Apartheid: Empirical, Normative, Existential’, Alternatives (World Policy Institute, USA), 20: 403-423

Alexander, Titus (1996) Unravelling Global Apartheid: An Overview of World Politics. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press

Dalby, S. (1999) ‘Globalization or Global Apartheid? Boundaries and Knowledge in Postmodern Times’, Geopolitics 4/1

Sideri S. (1999), ‘Globalisation’s Dilemma: Economic Blocs or Global Economic Apartheid?’ The European Journal of Development Research, 11, 2, December: 141 - 175

2000 -2001

Anderson, Sarah, and J. Cavanagh (2000), Field Guide to the Global Economy. New York, USA: New Press. see p.5

Anderson, Sarah, and J. Cavanagh (2000), "Top 200: The Rise of Global Corporate Power", Corporate Watch 2000 - quotation: "The Top 200 are creating a global economic apartheid, not a global village." online at: http://www.globalpolicy.org/socecon/tncs/top200.htm

Somavia, Juan (2000), Director General of ILO, in a speech in New York, USA,May 22, 2000: "We can begin to see the shape of a new global apartheid, based on your options for work, for sustainable livelihoods." from: http://www.millenniumforum.org/html/docs/Speech_of_Somavia.htm

Khor, Martin (2000), Director of the Third World Network, in a speech at the Millenium Forum, New York, May 22, 2000: "Globalisation as practised today is a kind of apartheid, a term mentioned by Juan Somavia, director-general of the ILO in his speech just now." from: http://www.corpwatch.org/un/background/2000/mkhor.html

Samir Amin (2001) "Globalism, or Apartheid on a Global Scale?" Presentation at the Fernand Braudel Center, Binghamton, USA, conference Nov 2-3, 2001

Cameron, Maxwell A. (2001) "Global Village or Global Apartheid? The World After September 11, 2001", Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, October 2001, from: http://www.policyalternatives.ca/

Bond, Patrick (2001), Against Global Apartheid. Juta & Co., South Africa. ISBN 1919713565

Booker, Salih, and W. Minter (2001), "Global Apartheid" (feature story), The Nation (USA), July 9, 2001, pp.1-4. Online at: http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20010709&s=booker

World Bank Bonds Boycott (2001), "What's new?" - quotation: "As part of this global movement, the World Bank Bonds Boycott is putting grassroots pressure on the World Bank, one of the biggest funders of the new global apartheid." online at: http://econjustice.net/wbbb/


Gernot Kφhler


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