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Sinister politics behind Gujarat riots?!?
by Saima Alvi
04 July 2002 14:06 UTC
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Quick Note:
The worst communal riots in India that took place in
Gujarat a few months ago in which some 1000 people
[unofficial statistics quote at least double this
figure!] 90% of who were Muslims were murdered,
tortured and raped, and the 'blame' for which was laid
on initial provocation on Muslims (i.e. that the
Muslims set a train of Hindu pilgrims on fire first)
by none other than Indian Prime Minister himself, has
been debunked by the investigators. Of course, earlier
reports had already established that the scale and
nature of the violence that took place in Gujarat
resemebled pre-planned 'pograms', greatly promoted and
facilitated by the Indian police and the Gujarat state
government which forms part of the current ruling
Hindu fundamentalist party of BJP.



Mob did not attack train, say Gujarat police 

AHMEDABAD, July 3: Forensic police in Gujarat said on
Wednesday that a fire that killed 59 people in a train
coach in February, was not a result of burning objects
thrown from outside. 

"The forensic report has stated that an inflammatory
liquid was poured from inside, from within the
compartment, rather than what we have believed till
now that it was thrown from outside by a mob," a
senior investigation official said. 

On Feb 27, a train compartment carrying devotees from
Ayodhya was set ablaze by a mob at Godhra, in Gujarat

Fifty-nine people in the coach were burnt to death and
the state of Gujarat was thrown into a cauldron of
anti-Muslim violence that continued until the end of
May, killing nearly 1,000 people. Unofficial figures
put the toll at more that 2,000. 

A large number of arrests, including those of local
Muslim leaders in Godhra, were made for igniting the

Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee also blamed
the Godhra incident for sparking the riots. However, a
report prepared by the Forensic Science Laboratory
(FSL), the theory that a mob set ablaze the train
coach has been turned down, Asthana said. 

The report is based on study of the pattern of the
crime inside the compartment and a simulated exercise
conducted a month back at the site of the tragedy. 

The report has come as surprise to those investigating
the Godhra case and so far held the view that the mob
attacked the train and threw inflammable material from
distance using buckets and cans even as passengers had
shut the door and windows.

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