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Re: A Better World Is Possible (ifg report 2002)
by g kohler
15 June 2002 14:14 UTC
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Michael - objecting to two out of 18 members of a drafting committee is
pretty good by heterod ox standards, no?

Anderson and Cavanagh have published a nifty slender volume, entitled
Field Guide to the Global Economy. The New Press, USA, 2000

very suitable for classroom use, analysis with movement-relevant info


in reply to:
 Re: A Better World Is Possible (ifg report 2002)
  by Michael Pugliese 14 June 2002

David Korten?
The village politics of the International Forum on Globalization

   Lori Wallach?

6/14/02 8:10:36 AM, g kohler <kohlerg@3web.net> wrote:

>an interesting group effort to outline an alternative world system and
>how to get there --
>Title =
>A Better World I s Pos s i b l e ! Alternatives To Economic
>Spring 2002
>url for the report summary is  http://www.ifg.org/alt_eng.pdf
>Drafting Committee:
>John Cavanagh,Chair
>Sarah Anderson
>Debi Barker
>Maude Barlow
>Walden Bello
>Robin Broad
>Tony Clarke
>Randy Hayes
>Colin Hines
>Martin Khor
>David Korten
>Jerry Mander
>Helena Norberg-Hodge
>Sara Larrain
>Simon Retallack
>Vandana Shiva
>Victoria Tauli-Corpus
>Lori Wallach

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