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Kashmir - global democracy
by g kohler
01 June 2002 15:42 UTC
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a hypothetical question, inspired by the Sociology catalogue of Lynne
Rienner Publishers, which lists Boswell/Chase-Dunn, Spiral (Outstanding
Book Award, PEWS 2001) (Podobnik: "Teaching the title generated
interesting conversations and got student excited") --

question -
How would a global (social(ist)) democracy a la Boswell/Chase-Dunn
handle a crisis like the present India-Pakistan-cum-US
blowback-confrontation over Kashmir?

possible elements of an answer could include -
(a) India and Pakistan would not be nuclear powers in a global democracy

(b) USA would not be the friendly hegemon in a global democracy
(c) Kashmir would be an independent entity after a referendum in a
global democracy
(d) the armed forces of the global democracy would invade and restore
law and order
(e) chaos - the global democracy system would be helpless vis-a-vis
guerrilla and communal violence
(f) in a global (social(ist)) democracy everybody is happy and
(g) other

It's quite a challenge to the imagination . . .


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