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by Sebastian Olma
24 May 2002 14:38 UTC
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A one-day conference in association with the Theory Culture Society
postgraduate network

Friday 14 June
Goldsmiths College
London UK

Intellectual property (IP), until recently a predominantly legal term, has
taken on a wider social and cultural significance in informational
capitalism. IP has become a crucial terrain on which power relations are
re-negotiated and social forces clash. Digital media, biotechnology, and
global brands are only the more prominent areas where this can be observed.
Increasingly, knowledge, culture, and information are all in important ways
defined by their relationship to IP.

As a consequence, critique can no longer afford to neglect IP. This
conference aims to bring together critical thinkers who have begun to
investigate IP and thus hopes to participate in the opening of a debate that
helps us develop new resources to understand the nature and implications of
IP's growing prominence.

Participants include Anne Barron (LSE) and Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths) on
culture, Andrew Barry (Goldsmiths) and Tiziana Terranova (Essex) on
technology, and Bob Jessop (Lancaster) and Chris May (University of the West
of England) on the state.

Attendance is free, but please reserve seats in advance. For reservations,
conference abstracts, schedule, or any other information, email Gregor
Claude gregor@zoom.co.uk or phone 07930 395 664.

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