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Re: Fw: WTO to shut down, refound under new charter
by Sabri Oncu
23 May 2002 20:23 UTC
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Timothy writes:

> Is this legit?

I don't think so.

There are two WTO sites on the web:



They look almost identical, except the first page. The first one
seems to be the real one and there is no such information there.
The second one seems to be a joke, as you see this there:

> On Monday, May 20, the WTO Secretariat approved
> a schedule by which the WTO in its current form
> will  be disbanded and transformed into the Trade
> Regulation Organization (TRO), whose charter will
> be based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Somewhere in there you also see:

> As Gandhi said, "The earth has enough for everyone’s
> needs, but not for some people’s greed." This is not
> just an "emotional" argument; it is accurate.

A nice joke though. I liked it a lot.


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