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Civilizations Discussion - Alt. Terminology Cont'd
by Luke Rondinaro
07 May 2002 21:58 UTC
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From:  Luke Rondinaro      To:  WSN List, for your info. and comment ...

Alternative Terminology (Continued)

Terms Dealt with so far ->>> Eidix, Primary Eidix, Secondary Eidix …


These new terms/concepts are a beginning … But a fuller alternative terminology must now begin to be developed.

PROBLEM 1:  Other usages “civilization” … (Listed Here) – Different from the communicative orientation and systematic character of Culture/Civilization – [aka Primary and Secondary Eidices]


“Civilization-as-adoption-of-societal-implements of the more-developed by the less-developed”


“Civilization-as-city-building-and-development by the human community in history”


Evolutionary advancement of the human community // Notions of Progress, Development, Modernization

==> Social Evolution

Imitation and Adoption of Social Forms in the Pursuit of Social Advancement

                 ==> Utilization of Social Adoption/Social Advancement (theory, spectrum, and framework)

Society as Means of Separating Sheep from Goats in the Human Community

                  ==> Sheep-Goat theory // Systematic In-Group & Out-Group hypothesis

Historical Development of the Human Race through City Formation and City Life

  ==> “Citification” theory

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