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CBC video, of Israeli media clips that got through the Israelistate-military censorship
by Mark Douglas Whitaker
27 April 2002 22:40 UTC
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Comments: if this was in black and white, it would be a German Nazi film 
from the 1930s reel. Instead it was from this week, in Israel, in color. 
View this footage filmed by Israeli media, that the Israeli media has 
broadcast over the dual hurdles of their own state and military censorship 
practices they even have on their own media (much less the entire refusal 
of other countries corporate media representation.) This is a CBC report, 
compiled from the Israeli footage, and some of thier own. It's very 
damning, and revolting, particularly when the Jewish soldier 
says--paraphrasing, "i don't know what we are doing here. It's 
purification. I don't know why such a good Hebrew boy is doing so far from 
home, in all this filth.'


Article by: cbc news
Saturday 27 Apr 2002

Summary:movie shows one of the CRIMES that israel Soldiers do for 
palestenian people

Weblink: http://cbc.ca/clips/ram-lo/macdonald_censored020318.ram

Reference at indymedia website: 

do u want to see one of the israel soldiers crime?
just click to know the answer of why palestenial peopl bomb thier self to 
kill at least one jew

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