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Is Asia emerging?
by Seyed Javad
21 April 2002 18:09 UTC
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Colonialism and imperial order of the world politics did inhibit for quite some time the emergence and continuation of inter-civilizational exchange between great civilizational units of the world in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and etc.  The collapse of Soviet Union and the total aggrssion initiated by US and their allies have created an apt situation for ThirdWorldist intellectuals and nations to re-assert their own different position on various grand issues within international community.  The recent visit of Chinese prime minister to Iran and Libya is one of those historical moments. Hope you would like reading this rather brief article:

     Tehran, April 21, IRNA -- Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah 
Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is
keen to develop relations with China.                                
    In a meeting with Chinese President Jiang Zemin, the Supreme     
Leader said that Iran favors utilization of all its capacities to    
foster bilateral cooperation with China in line with the two         
countries' common principles of safeguarding their independence and  
national identity.                                                   
    The Leader said that Iran and China have excellent relations     
adding that they are expected to make efforts to use all capacities to
boost cooperation and seriously work to remove obstacles in this     
    The Supreme Leader said that Asia enjoys wide-scale capacity to  
develop regional cooperation. The Leader also lauded the idea of     
fostering cooperation among Iran, China and India.                   
    The Leader, referring to the international developments          
especially the situation in the Middle East, said that the United    
States by taking advantage of its political and military power       
attempts to impose its own views on the world community. "This       
has posed a great threat to all countries and for this reason        
the international community is required to oppose Washington's wrong 
stance in order to save the future of humanity," the Leader pointed  
    Ayatollah Khamenei said that the United States ignored the       
crimes being committed by Israel and its state terrorism against     
Palestinians and describes the Palestinians' resistance to Israeli  
military operations against defenseless people as terrorism.         
This is the worst kind of stance toward the alarming situation in    
Palestine, the Leader said.                                          
    The Leader said that the extent of the humanitarian tragedy      
created by the Zionist regime in Palestine (in the West Bank towns   
particularly in Jenin refugee camp) is so horrific that it has harmed
the conscience of the international community. Ayatollah Khamenei    
added that the Arab and other independent states should undertake    
their role to help Palestinians vindicate their rights.              
    The Supreme Leader said that the European states have stayed     
clear of the United States over the situation in Palestine           
and they no longer support the US stance on the Middle East.         
    "The Palestinians are defending themselves under the heaviest    
military attacks. Supporting this people is the ethical duty of all  
countries," the Leader pointed out.                                  
    The Islamic Republic of Iran extends moral support to the        
Palestinian nation and regards Israel as "usurper" and believes      
that Iran's views will gradually receive global acceptance, the      
Leader said.                                                         
    President Zemin expressed pleasure with his visit to Iran and    
said that Iran is a country with ancient civilization. He called     
for boosting of Tehran-Beijing relations.                            
    He said that he had held successful negotiations with Iranian    
officials in Tehran on cooperation in the field of energy, transport,
telecommunications and heavy industries adding that Tehran and      
Beijing enjoy excellent and growing relations and all capacities     
should be explored in this respect.                                  
    On the international issues, the Chinese president said that Iran
and China have common stance toward the international developments   
adding that the US extortionist and hegemonic policies have          
faced global objection.                                              
    President Zemin said that Israel should immediately withdraw     
from the occupied territories and the international community        
should help the Palestinians get their rights.                       
    He said that China condemns any form of terrorism and added, "We 
believe that terrorism should be dealt with on the basis of valid    
evidence and the international campaign against terrorism should not 
breach international regulations or carried out unilaterally."       
    President Mohammad Khatami was also present in the meeting.      

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