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New title on globalization from South End Press
by South End Press
21 April 2002 00:01 UTC
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The Trajectory of Change charts a course for the growing, international
movement against corporate globalization. Michael Albert, a longtime
activist and analyst of popular struggles, challenges us to build a
broad-based and effective movement for social change. 

Michael Albert founded Z Magazine and ZNet, a web site and electronic
commentary service. He is the author of numerous books, including Looking
Forward (with Robin Hahnel) and Stop the Killing Train, both available from
South End Press. Albert is a co-founder of South End Press and is a
contributor to numerous publications. He speaks and writes frequently on
participatory economics. 

"In the clearest of language, Michael Albert lays bare the weaknesses of
the left and points to the opportunities ahead. Eschewing cynicism and
defeatism, he outlines positive alternatives that will attract and retain
social activists, and, most importantly, achieve tangible victories. If
you're tired of complaining about the ills of capitalism and ready to
articulate what we want and how to get there, read this book." 
-- Medea Benjamin, Founding Director of Global Exchange and active Green
Party member

"Written in an accessible manner and profoundly thought-provoking, this
book helps us to remember that movement of resistance to oppression is
essential; a movement with vision and strategy is compelling." 
-- Bill Fletcher, Jr., National Organizer for the Black Radical Congress

"Cross global activism with common sense, and you get Michael Albert's new
book, The Trajectory of Change." 
-- Mike Prokosch, Director of the Global Economy Program at United for a
Fair Economy 

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