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Third World radicalism: Bello - Castro comparison
by g kohler
13 April 2002 15:48 UTC
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to whom it may concern - a brief comparison of two positions of Third
World radicalism - Bello and Castro

(1) a major difference exists regarding money:
Bello - “drawing most of our financial resources from within” –
Castro - demands that the world’s rich (or the world system) pay for

(2) similar rejection of existing international institutions, global
(3) similar belief in the need for Third World countries to work

Further details from the two sources cited below:
(a) Global neoliberalism
Castro__________“Worldwide disaster”
Bello___________“arrogant globalist project”

(b) Preferred Modus operandi
Castro__________“Fighting spirit (not “begging”) + “close cooperation”
of Third World countries
Bello ___________“disable the main institutions of corporate-led

(c) Global Elites
Castro__________“Another Nuremberg” for global elites

(d) Global governance
Bello___________“alternative system of global economic governance”
_______________“Deglobalization, or the re-empowerment of the local and
_______________“de-concentration and de-centralization of institutional
power and
________________the creation of a pluralistic system of institutions”

(e) IMF
Castro__________Remove + replace (no veto power for USA or others)
Bello___________“abolish” or “disempower”

(f) World Bank, WTO
Bello__________“abolish” or “disempower”

(g) TNCs
Bello___________“dismantling the Transnational Corporation”

(h) Violence
Castro - not mentioned
Bello - not mentioned

(i) Money:
Third World debt
Castro - Cancel

Development finance
Castro_________Wants 1 trillion US dollars per year for developing
Bello__________“drawing most of our financial resources for development
from within
______________ rather than becoming dependent on foreign investment and
foreign financial markets”

Castro's demand for massive development finance appears more feasible
than Bello's demand for dismantling transnational corporations. Castro
has a capitalist ally - economist Stiglitz. Massive development finance
is also feasible according to my investigations concerning global
Keynesianism, unequal exchange and global exploitation, and according to
various post-Keynesians.

(Buy our book - Kohler-Tausch, Global Keynesianism: Unequal Exchange and
Global Exploitation, see:

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References for above comparison:
Walden Bello –
article on dismantling corporations and their proxies (from: The CCPA
Monitor, February 2001, pp 14-16)     http://www.policyalternatives.ca/

Fidel Castro –
opening speech at the South Summit 2000 (from Znet)

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