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dependencia structure of global class conflict
by g kohler
10 April 2002 03:27 UTC
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dependencia structure of global class conflict

I appreciate the comments (below) by Professor Spector and have a
question (or suggestion) (below) --
Alan Spector wrote 06 April 2002
"There is no question that there is "global class conflict" in the sense
capitalists from various countries are exploiting people all over the
And there is no question that the fundamental contradiction of exploiter
exploited underlies other conflicts.

The question is whether or not there are all kinds of intermediary
structures and contradictions which can be the primary factors in
situations." . . .snip>

GK question (or suggestion) -
Could one, perhaps, plug "dependencia theory" into the concept of
"global class conflict"? That could take care of the "intermediary
structures and contradictions". In other words, instead of saying that
global class conflict has a dichotomous form, one could say that the
form (or structure) of global class conflict is approximately described
by dependencia theory. There are worker, peasant, ruling etc classes
within core, semi and full-periphery countries with dependency
relationships as described in dependencia theory.

The difference between this and the older dependencia theory is,
perhaps, mostly in the praxeological domain. Dependencia theorists
recommended "delinking". If, on the other hand, the dependencia
structure-process is placed inside a global class conflict, then the
recipe is not delinking, but rather "build your strength" within the
existing global conflict formation. What do you think?

Gernot Kohler

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