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the gwbush.com Radio Ad on Cheney is done, and it sounds great
by axis-of-evil
31 March 2002 23:12 UTC
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The 60-second spot is done and it sounds great! 
Listen here: http://gwbush.com/spots
It's already flying around the Internet, but now let's
put it on the air too! In just two days, GWBush.com
readers have pledged over $3,000 to run this ad. There
is an easy pledge form at the link above, as well as an
email form to make it easy for you to spread the word.

Why does Dick Cheney want a war with Iraq so badly?

Because it would reduce terrorism? Or because it would
help the Republicans in the 2002 and 2004 elections?

If Iraq is really so evil then why did Cheney sell it $23.8 
million worth of technology starting just four years ago? 

Crazy but true--here a few mainstream sources:
Washington Post, June 23 2001
Financial Times, Nov 3 2000
Salon.com, Nov 19 2000
(Links are on the ad page--click above)

And now we've got a professionally-produced radio spot 
with all the details to get the truth out.

The ad is already spreading around the Internet. But we're 
also raising funds to get the ad on the radio. GWBush.com 
experimented with doing ads in the last election, but now 
we're finally doing it! THE AD IS DONE!

Please click the link above to listen to the ad. And please 
spread the word! The media will not tell this story: it's 
up to us. Thank God we have the Internet now to help us get 
the truth out.

Special thanks to all the gwbush.com readers who helped 
edit the script!

Zack, gwbush.com

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