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Elections in Ukraine. Exit poll data
by Andriy Horbal
31 March 2002 18:08 UTC
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According to the March 31, 2002 Exit Poll, the following six political
parties and blocs passed the 4% barrier (% in parentheses):

Victor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine Bloc (25 %)
Communist Party of Ukraine (20.5%)
For United Ukraine Bloc (10.6%)
Julia Tymoshenko Bloc (7.9%)
Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united), (7.1%)
Socialist Party of Ukraine (6.1%)
According to the poll, the following three parties come the closest to
crossing the 4% barrier: the Nataliya Vitrenko Bloc (3.3%), Women for the
Future! (2.5%), and the Winter Generation Team (2.4%).

18,000 people were polled. The margin of random error is no greater than +/-
1%. The margin of systematic error (e.g.: respondents providing misleading
information) may reach +/- 3%.

The Exit Poll was conducted by three firms: the Kyiv International Institute
of Sociology, Socis, and Social Monitoring. Each firm polled 6,000 people as
they exited 850 polling stations, in 480 cities and villages. These results
were collected and compiled by the Kyiv International Institute of

The Exit Poll was coordinated by Democratic Initiatives Foundation. Iryna
Bekeshkina is the Project Manager.

Support for the Exit Poll was provided by the National Public Monitoring
Committee and the International Renaissance Foundation. Financial support
was provided by International Renaissance Foundation, the embassies of Great
Britain, Italy, USA and Sweden.

Detailed analysis of the exit poll results, including socio-demographic
data, will be made available in one week.

All of the Exit Poll findings will be made available by Democratic
Initiatives Foundation on the Internet: http://www.exitpoll.org.ua and
http://www.dif.org.ua , by the National Public Monitoring Committee:
http://www.monitor.org.ua , and by the Committee of Voters of Ukraine:

The March 31, 2002 Exit Poll is the fourth exit poll conducted in Ukraine.
Exit polls were conducted during the March 1998 parliamentary elections, and
 the two rounds of the 1999 presidential elections. The previous polls,
which were organized by Democratic Initiatives Foundation, were conducted
successfully and produced highly accurate results. Exit polls also provide a
public control mechanism over the vote-tallying process.

The poll was conducted independently from any and all electoral political
parties and blocs.

For further information, please contact Iryna Bekeshkina, project manager,
research director for Democratic Initiative Foundation:
Tel: +38 (044) 229 - 8835, or 490-7057

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