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by Seyed Javad
26 March 2002 12:06 UTC
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From: "Middle East Quarterly"
Subject: S Javad: Review
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:10:34 -0500
Prof. Seyed Javad
Kafkazli Seyed J. M. Miri al-Hosseini
University of Bristol
Department of Sociology
12 Woodland Road BS8 1UQ
Bristol England
E-mail: seyedjavad@hotmail.com
Dear Prof. Javad:
Thank you again for sending us your review of Peace and the Limits of the
War: Transcending Classical Conceptions of Jihad by Safi M. Louay. I regret
to inform you that after careful review, we find that the manuscript is not
right for us.
As you may know, the police have recently raided IIIT, publisher of the book
and employer of its author, and as a consequence, we do not wish to review
the book at this time. I attach a news item about the raid.
We do, however, most appreciate your sending this review to us and hope you
will keep us in mind for your future writings. We wish you every success in
placing this review elsewhere.
Judy Goodrobb
Managing editor
Middle East Quarterly
1500 Walnut St., Suite 1050
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel: 215-546-5406, ext. 19
Fax: 215-546-5409
E-mail: MEQ@MEForum.org

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