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mystery abounds
by Mark Siegmund
22 March 2002 20:39 UTC
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Hi, on top of all the www.whitehouse.org mystery--I also learned this
morning that our webpage domain name http://www.tetworld.org has not been
available for months--as when I click it on my browser it goes directly to
the domain name redirect url which is:

also, following the "cache clearing" strategy sent to me by Washington Post,
I received the following email from someone who had been following this
morning's drama...

>>> Hi again,
>>> You may keep your paranoia a bit longer I think - it should really not
>>> matter what you got in your browser cache! But as they recommend you to
>>> clear the cache, I suspect the following:
>>> Most probably they have had a server intrusion by someone who
>> deliberately
>>> altered this information on their web site. So what you saw was probably
>>> very real, although neither the White House nor the Post wasn't
>> behind this
>>> disinformation. You went there before they found out about this and when
>>> your browser was there, it stored the page in its internal cache on your
>>> computer. They corrected the mistake and probably don't want
>> anyone to know
>>> about this - it is very embarrasing for them that someone
>> hacked into their
>>> server (ie therefore they want you to clear your cache to get rid of the
>>> evidence, more or less!) So now when you visit their site, your browser
>>> doesn't reload the page properly as it uses what it has in the browser's
>>> cache - thus you see the problem with your netscape but not
>> with your other
>>> browser. And when I, and other, visit their site now, we do
>> instead find the
>>> correct version of the page.
>>> So it's probably a successful, paranoia-inducing hacker attack that is
>>> behind this intermezzo, with the Post trying to cover it all up.
>>> Yours,

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