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BD's Prime Minister blames Indian govt for killings........
by Saima Alvi
14 March 2002 09:10 UTC
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10 March 2002  Sunday 

BD's Prime Minister blames Indian govt for killings 

DHAKA, March 9: Bangladesh's Prime Minister Khaleda Zia on Saturday said 
India could have done more to prevent the massive death toll in the 
country's worst communal violence in more than a decade , saying last 
week's rioting was "condemnable and sad". 

"Although it is an internal matter of India, but if they had taken timely 
steps then the loss of lives could have been much lesser," she told 

Zia said her government had taken steps to stop the rioting spilling over 
into the predominantly Muslim country. 

"Despite the way Muslims were killed in India's riot, even by entering 
their homes, nothing happened in Bangladesh as we believe in communal 
harmony," said. The Bangladesh government has deployed police across the 
country to defend Hindus and their property. Hindus constitute nearly 11 
percent of Bangladesh's 120 million population. 

Religious groups have staged protests, but there has been no violence.-AFP 

Saima Alvi
Research Assistant
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Opposite Sector U, DHA, Lahore-54792
Tel.: 5722670-79; Ext.: 2165

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