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wsn rules
by Threehegemons
13 March 2002 03:16 UTC
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I'm reposting the rules that Michael Yount sent out in January for wsn.  They 
provide interesting reading in relation to debate over the last few days.

Steven Sherman

WSN Guidelines
by Michael Yount
10 January 2002 14:33 UTC  < < < 
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        Guidelines for posting messages to the WSN mailing list

A legitimate message will meet most of the following guidelines.
Although these rules may not be enforced strictly, people who frequently
post messages that do not meet the guidelines may be moderated, at the
discretion of the list administrators.  Enforcing the guidelines is
solely the responsibility of the list administrators.

 * Messages should encourage polite, thoughtful responses from the other

 * Messages should focus upon the subject matter of the list, not upon
 the behavior of the other participants.

 * If a message contains the work of an author other than the person 
 who posts the message, the source of that work should be
 cited clearly.  The person who posts the message should accompany the
 work with his or her own thoughtful commentary.

 * Messages should be addressed to the WSN list explicitly, as 
 opposed to being blind copies.

 * Participants are encouraged to present material relevant to world 
 systems theory.  Discussions of current affairs are acceptable, but 
 should be debated within the context of world systems scholarship.

Some messages, such as conference announcements, are acceptable even
though they do not meet these guidelines.  

WSN is a public mailing list.  Posted messages are archived at
If you wish to keep your future posts from being archived, write to
majordomo@csf.colorado.edu.  In the body of the message, use this
  set wsn hidepost
Majordomo will ask you for confirmation before the command is completed.  

Questions or comments about the guidelines, archives, and other
administrative matters should be addressed to
wsn-owner@csf.colorado.edu, not to the mailing list.

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